Friday, January 30, 2009

Foto Friday

Amazingly enough, I actually have some photos for this Foto Friday some of my own, no less. The first was taken on a recent walk with Cuppa along a path which winds near the river at certain points.

A Winter Glimmering

Above: we took Nikki Dee to our local McDonalds, inside the friendly confines of Wal-Mart. You might wonder why we would choose to go to the McD inside WM. Two reasons: (i) it's one place where we can walk on a cold winter's day; (ii) it's the only McDonalds in this town! I had taken her once previously, but she's older now and was, therefore, given a few fries to enjoy. Just her, of course: that's not really my hand snatching another one.

Below: after Wal-Mart and McDonalds, it was off to the library for her first visit. She scrambled here and there and even looked through a book or tow.

On another day we took her out for a winter walk but didn't stray far from the house. She is fascinated with trucks and buses, so much so that we finally had to drag her away from the one above. Or perhaps she just wanted to get at the salty snacks inside (that's my girl!). we'd walk her away from the truck, but she'd soon turn around and head back. She wasn't at all happy with us for doing forcibly removing her, but we had to, and she was soon diverted when we plopped her into the snow (below).

She liked the snow so much that you could say she ate it up (above). Yes, she munched on it for quite some time before coming in very rosy-cheeked (below).

On yet another day, the snow banks were piled quite high, so Grampa was called upon to hoist her up and let her slide down. What the clip doesn't capture is how many times Grampa and his poor, old back had to perform this prodigious lift.


Ruth said...

What a fun set of pictures! How much fun to participate in first time experiences with a little one. You really are punishing your back with the snow bank sliding technique!!

jinksy said...

If it's good once, it's even better twice!
Beautiful first picture - I suppose you couldn't email it to me, so'I could gloat at it easily on a dull day?

ChrisB said...

What a fabulous photo that first one is.

The ND pictures are always fun and on the little video I love her 'ohh ohh'

Amanda said...

Great pictures ~ Nikki Dee looks like she is enjoying all that snow (i would too!)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The wee one needs to learn to make an angel in the snow!

Next Winter she will be ready for a toboggan. Will you be ready to once again bump down the slopes on the back of a toboggan???

Donna said...

Wonderful pictures Ac! And I loved the video!! She's SO precious! Happy weekend to ya'll!!hughugs

KGMom said...

The winter walk photo is lovely. A great setting--no wonder walks are so enjoyable.

Mary said...


Lovely photos and I loved the video. She is indeed a beautiful Snow Baby.

I remember Brandon's first snowfall. I took him out and put some snow to his lips. His mother about had a fit. LOL We have a photo of him snuggled in this blanket with grandma holding him and his wide-eye reaction to the snow.

Thank you so much for your comments on Meeko's passing. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated.


Lorna said...

Except that her hair is dark, that oculd easily be one of my blonde, round, snow-loving grandchildren.

Ginnie said...

The Nikki-Dee pictures are sweet, as always, but the first picture of the river is awesome! I'll bet it could win a contest.

mreddie said...

Great photos! The 'grand' ones are always fun no matter what the surroundings. ec

Woman in a Window said...

Anyplace is a good place to sleep when you're dressed like a bed! Cute! And ouch! (your back, that is)

Anonymous said...

Little Nikki Dee is just so darn cute. :-) And that photo of the river is beautiful!

Janet said...

The first picture is breathtakingly beautiful.

Get that baby girl a sled! It's easier on Grandpa's back.