Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dawn Ruminations

The cold snap continues this morning; it's -24°C/-11°F out there. It's just past seven o'clock, and I have been up, more or less, for hours already. While I lay about hoping to fall back asleep, I finished listening to two of Oprah's webcasts from the past week — Bob Greene from Monday and Dr. Oz from Tuesday. I upload them to my iPod and hope to fall asleep as these smart people speak in my ear. Sometimes, it works but not this morning. I guess I woke up around 4:30 AM and finally gave it up at around 6:30 when Dr. Oz was done with me. I turned up the furnace, put on the coffee, made a piece of toast, and headed to the keyboard.

I wasn't amused to discover that we're almost out of coffee cream, however. Should I hope that it lasts through the morning, or should I bundle up and make the short walk to Shoppers when it opens at eight? I really don't want to go out there into the Arctic-like air so early, I tell ya, but Cuppa will surely need her cup of coffee when she awakes. Maybe I'll go down and shake the carton again. Maybe there was more remaining than I thought in my bleariness.

Normally, if I'm to experience sleep problems, it's at the early end of the night, not after several hours of sleep. But sleep is an ongoing issue with me. On most nights I move from easy chair, to guest bed, to our bed: not necessarily in that order. And then I do it again. Last night, my back which has been yippy, as I said yesterday, may have increased my discomfort and, therefore, decreased my rest, but who's to know the cause for sure? I really took it easy yesterday, and the back felt pretty good when I went to bed but not so good after a few hours of being horizontal.

Why is it that at a certain age, we may be more uneasy in a supposedly comfortable bed than in any other location? Perhaps, it's because we assume a postion for much longer. When we're up and at it, I suppose we shift and shuffle much more and manage to alleviate aches and pains before they really have a chance to set in? I hate sounding old because I'm not. I'm in good health except for these minor arthritic irritations that sometimes cause me to feel older than my years.

One of the things that I learned from Dr. Oz tonight was that we are meant to be active and vigorous into our eighth and ninth decades, and I guess I am in many ways. However, having a body that experiences somewhat premature aches, pains and stiffness doesn't actually help me to feel as young as my years.

Now ... to shake the coffee cream carton and hope for the best.


KGMom said...

Nothing like cream-less morning ruminations to stir the angst in one's soul.
I can tell--you long for a bit more sleep, didn't get it, and now the day will be a tad off-kilter.
Here's hoping things right themselves before long.

Woman in a Window said...

And I'm a few years your junior and yet my body hurts as soon as I crawl into bed. I hate to say it but I take sleeping pills or I wouldn't get a wink. They say fibral mialmakingthisup. It's what they say when they don't know, isn't it? But that sure seven hours (even if interupted) gets me through.

Oh, oh, and get out of those boots! It's 8:30 and no creamer! (Carnation - vanilla caramel?) Maybe Cuppa can get by with a little vanilla extract and a shake of cinnamon? Gets me through the rough patches.

Lorna said...

Two words: feather bed. Even if you're stiff or in pain, there's something amazing about a feather bed. Doesn't help me to sleep but at least I feel good while the brain is racing.

Mary said...


Like you, my sleeping problems are usually at the beginning of the night. It is often 2, 3, or even 4am before the Sandman arrives. Then I tend to want to sleep in. Once I'm asleep, I want my full 8 hours, but that would make it, well... 10, 11 or 12 and that just doesn't happen.

Arthritis is a painful disease of the joints and it does make us feel much older than we really are. I tend to think of myself as being 30, which was a long time ago and I try to do the things I did way back then. However, I am still young and have found Celebrex keeps the pain at bay. Maybe you should consider talking to your doctor. It sure made a difference in my life.

Hope when you got downstairs that the cream carton was half full. It's too darn cold out to be walking at that time of the morning.

Take care.

Ruth said...

I too am awakened by stiff joints in the middle of the night even though I have no problems getting to sleep. If I do take any medication, it is some ibuprofen at bedtime. But my friend sent me some Aleve since my knee surgery (naprosyn) and is is even better. But it is available only in the States, which is why I went to Michigan last week.

Debby said...

Nothing worse than a sleepless night...unless it is not having the ingredients you need for your mnorning cup!

Anonymous said...

I love how Dr. Oz explains things. I think he has helped many.

It has started to warm up here.. and is almost balmy (by Winnipeg winter standards) I am hoping this warm air is heading your way.