Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Elusive Muffler Receipt

Having just read Jinksy's post about sought-for-items disappearing into the black holes that surely must exist in her house, I am reminded of a common saying in our own domicile.

Long ago, we owned a car that required its second muffler replacement. I'm not sure if it is still this way, but back then the muffler places would offer a free replacement for as long you owned your car. You just had to show them the receipt of the original work. Of course, although Cuppa is a pretty darn good keeper-of-records, we never did find that blasted receipt, which is odd considering the myriads of useless, decades-old receipts that I did stumble across when sorting and discarding old paperwork for our move a few years ago.

But ever since then, when we are having trouble locating something, we are wont to say, "It must be with the muffler receipts."

PS: In later times, I regretfully discovered that the supposed free muffler wasn't all that fantastic a deal since it just included the relatively inexpensive muffler and neither labour nor the very expensive pipes that must invariably be included and attached. Nevertheless, I really would have liked to have hung onto those few extra muffler dollars back then.


jinksy said...

Now, I know it's cold over there - but a car in a muffler? Now I've heard it all! But which part of its anatomy does it flaunt this fluffy appendage over?

Woman in a Window said...

Meanwhile we're missing one telephone and my son's moccasin. Now what's up with that?

KGMom said...

You have a black hole in your house too?
Oh, I am so relieved. I thought our household the only one so cursed.
Our black hole gobbled up a whole bag of bungee cords. Nowhere to be found.

Mary said...


A year ago, we bought a new battery for my car. It had a five year warranty. Now, my car won't start and that receipt is nowhere to be found. I always put receipts in a file folder, but not this time. It must be with your muffler receipt. If you find it, please let me know. LOL

Thanks for commenting on my post. Yes, Mary Maxim is in Paris. If you and Cuppa are ever going to be in that vicinity, be sure to let me know and we will meet for coffee at Timmy's or somewhere.

Stay warm and safe. The deep freeze is coming back for the weekend.

Loved the satellite shot of the inauguration.


Pearl said...

good expression. it's amazing how many receipts float up. scraps of paper out of chronology, years old suddenly surfacing as a bookmark or behind a drawer.

Kila said...


I just bought a new package of socks for my oldest son. Put them all in the washing machine. When I took them out of the dryer and sorted them, one was missing!

Anonymous said...

I remember those "muffler for a life time" guarantees. :-)

Turtle Guy said...

Cute, and all too-true around here!