Friday, January 09, 2009

Foto Friday

It's becoming more and more redundant to call today Foto Friday because just about every day is photo day here at Raindrops. Yesiree! Photos all day, every day. Step right up and ... well, nevermind.

Since Sare had her baby and Thesha is getting close, I was pleased to stumble on these snapshots of newborn AG from 1978. Among other things, it was a kinder and gentler time. I don't about where you live, but around here, women and babies are generally sent home on the very next day. Contrast that with Cuppa who was in for five to seven days with her two deliveries, and there were no complications, at least of a serious nature. It's not always better now, eh?

Woohoo. Since I pre-posted the above, I found a few of baby Thesha. Equal treatment and all that. FYI, Althegal (above) was born in the late seventies, and Thesha (below) early in the decade.

I almost want to caption the next and final caption as "Poor Kid." because her father looks like a wild hippie. Well, it was 1972 after all.


Paul said...

AC, I enjoyed these photos. A good Foto Friday.

Mary said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful and real treasures. I always enjoy your photos and love these that show your family when the babies were little. You weren't so much of a wild hippie. I have seen far wilder. LOL

Take care. I hope you and Cuppa are both well.

Woman in a Window said...

Oh my, those most definitely are your kids. HA! Look at you. What wild times.

Jules said...

Wow - you can definitely tell that first baby is AG! I can't believe that!

Beautiful pictures from such a special time in your life - thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

These are Wonderful Ac!!! What a wonderful "album" this will all end up being!!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Wonderful precious moments and "little ones".

새라(sarah),영준 (joon), 진우(jinu) said...

Wow! Juncle - lookin' wild and wooly in that last shot! :) Hehehe.
These are exciting times in baby-land. Jinu and I can't wait to meet Sha's little creature. And, you will be a grandpa X 2!!

Lorna said...

Kinder, gentler times.... with hair.

Turtle Guy said...

"Grandpa X 2!!", indeed! Seems like I blinked and missed the big event, but they're only getting started -- isn't it interesting how one generation simply flows into the next.