Saturday, January 10, 2009

Keepsakes from 1972

When I found these two photos in my treasure trove, I was happy because it saved me taking two more photos. For every now and then my glance rests on these two mementos that we still keep from the days of Thesha's birth, and I had been planning to mention them anyway.

The flowers that I purchased for new mom Cuppa were those second from the right (above). That rather feminine vase was the cheap vase that they came in, but it has adorned my bureau top ever since — for thirty-six years now.

Below: I bought my new baby a pink teddy bear, and that has remained with us too although it hasn't received a place of honour. In the photo, from left to right, is Thesha's maternal line: grandfather, grandmother, mother, teddy bear, and great grandfather, who fought at Vimy Ridge in WWI and lived to be 105.

They're just objects (the vase and teddy bear, I mean), but when I notice them, my memory banks flicker on, and I briefly revel in the nostalgia.


Anonymous said...

Objects immersed with our past are our memory treasures. Tucked away in one of my closets I have a ragged corner from my son's favoured blankie. He is 34 now.. but that tattered piece of cloth takes me immediately back to his baby days.

KGMom said...

Objects are dear to us, reminding us--as this post illustrates--of past wonderful events.

I worked with a man, once, who had no personal OBJECTS of any kind in his office--it was the weirdest most sterile place I have ever been.

BTW--1972 was a good year: our son was born then also.

Amanda said...

It's these priceless objects that we hold dear to our hearts.
I really love looking at your old pictures ~ thanks for sharing!

Ginnie said...

The picture of Cuppa is lovely... and I love the pink Teddy Bear.
(PS. My current blog entry is a repeat from 2006 and I noticed that you'd left a comment then... it makes me realize how long you and your family have been in my life. Isn't it fun?)

Pearl said...

objects are a great portal to memory, even the ticky tacky like a bobble head cat to my grandpa from the 70s.

JunieRose2005 said...


I'm enjoying your old photos ! It's so much fun looking back, isn't it!!

My goodness- you and Cuppa were such beautiful, young parents with those 2 baby girls!
(this and previous posts)


PBS said...

Such wonderful photos! I like how you captioned "Teddy Bear" in there, too. Objects do have memories embedded right into them, don't they?

Mary said...


Beautiful photos. I remember the baby boot vases that came when I had Michelle. That will be 40 years in February and those were very popular at that time. Today, people collect them.

Thanks for sharing these old photos. They are lovely family mementos that bring back great memories.


dabrah said...

Fabulous pictures. I look at my kids pictures of when they were babies and it takes me right back there. And I too have one or two things that bring back amazing memories.

Lorna said...

You are suuuuuuch a softie.

Anonymous said...

Photos like these keep our precious memories fresher than ever. Both pics are lovely - I still have my very first teddy bear that my grandad bought for me as I was a very sick baby... His name is Oswald. (the teddy not the grandad ;o) My son still has his, although Ted Luwig is looking a little sorry....that's becasue he lives under my lads pillow!
Thanks for sharing AC, love to you and Cuppa. x

Woman in a Window said...

I wonder if we still value our things as much as we used to, before our world become overwhelmed with things for a dollar? Wonderful photos. And wonderful to think that little vase is on your desk now.