Friday, January 02, 2009

Foto Friday

Foto Friday rolled around quickly this week: not that I really need to do this theme today as I have posted many photos lately.

But these are cute ... or perhaps just weird. We play her music through the computer with the screen set to one of those fractal displays. She often watches from my lap in this rather unique upside-down position. Why? I dunno, and she isn't telling ... yet.

Sometimes, we make it even a little more bizarre, not that Old Grampa holds this next position too long at any one time.

Weird enough for ya?


Ruth said...

I suggest you try the position too. You may be missing something very inspirational. (More likely that you will experience a stiff neck!)You can buy contraptions that allow you to be upside down for a length of time. I think they are designed to increase blood flow to the brain and also to reduce gravity caused facial wrinkles (lol!)

Woman in a Window said...

...because it feels good. What a rush!

jinksy said...

In an upside down world, who wouldn't choose to view it the right way up occasionally? But not too often. Things are mostly better viewed from an unusual angle. So glad to have found pontificators instead of mere posters of comments...
Am also TOTALLY impressed with your idiosynchratic page design for said pontificators.