Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Diversion

This little tv, a bit smaller than my computer monitor, which now sits in my den was a Christmas present that Cuppa was inspired to have the family gift me after finding me watching hockey games on a tiny computer window (perhaps filling ten percent of the screen) several times during autumn. Although it's not often on, I do use it for said purpose (watching games) sometimes, although I'm not sure that I ever manage to sit through a whole game. I have also used the tv several times as a late night alternative to reading or listening to something on my iPod.

I've found some interesting stuff. One night, I watched/heard a lecture on British history centering on the Elizabeth-Mary times. Several nights later, I was transported back in time to the building of China's Great Wall. Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning), I stumbled (metaphorically) on The Choir. A young choir director was endeavouring to start a choir to sing classical songs in a Norfolk school. The intent was to try to to take the choir to a competition in China.

The program chronicled his struggles to get a choir going in that unclassical milieu, to recruit enough male voices to balance the group out, and getting them to put in the necessary hard work to get the group up to snuff. That's where that episode ended and left me hanging. So, I have had to make a note in Google calendar to remind me to tune in next Tuesday night (Wednesday morning) at midnight.

Whoever thought that I'd find such an unusual program so doggone interesting?


Amanda said...

It sounds like one of those programmes that you just have to watch to find out what happens next ~ my favourite kind!
Hope you are keeping warm.

Mary said...


I'm glad that you're enjoying the little TV. The program sounds intriguing. It reminds me of a movie I watched a couple weeks ago, except in the one I watched, the pastor started a choir of street people - all men.

The ice storm missed us. I hope it missed you as well. I'm thinking that maybe it didn't shape up as they expected.

Have a great day.


thailandchani said...

I like the idea of the little TV. And that is exactly the type of program that would have captured my attention, too.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little TV. In a time where bigger seems to be the goal, it is nice to see this little one providing good viewing.

Paul said...

Have you seen the film Les Choristes? Most of my French is lost in aging gray matter so I resorted to English captions but you would have no problem. It's a good heart warming film.

Woman in a Window said...

Sometimes those are the best, a surprise, a little gift in the sea of shows about corpses.

ChrisB said...

I watched some of those choir programmes but I missed the end so don't know how they did in the end you'll have to tell me.