Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Nod of the Head

.. to Doris

I have mentioned my friend, Doris, more than once in the past: for example in this post. She is both an excellent photographer and a friend to animals. She's been known to rescue homeless and distressed cats and to care much about animal issues. I even recall Nelson and I going to SPCA meeting with her when we were kids.

Doris sometimes has photos published by pro animal groups, either online or in the traditional print media. The fox in the following banner on the Furbearers' Activist website is from one of her pictures.

When she emails me, she usually attaches one or two of her photos. These two are from her last email. Nice eh?


ChrisB said...

I am always in awe of everyone who can take such beautiful photos of animals. Try as I might animals won't stand still for long enough for me to ever get a really good shot!

Amanda said...

She is certainly a very talented photographer. The photos are beautiful!

Donna said...

Wonderful photos! Makes me want to pet the fox!!lol...happy weekend!!hughugs

Pearl said...

hey, foxy lady.
or foxy fellow.

nice to see a little birdie too.

Janet said...

Those are wonderful. Da Wizard has some really good animal pictures from the Alaska trip, but I don't think he got the closeups she does.