Friday, July 11, 2008

Foto Friday

Hat's Off ... and On

It's been quite a while since I posted a Foto Friday. Not that I haven't posted a bunch of Nikki Dee pics on other days, but ...

I put one her hats on the other day, and that led us into the hat game. Apparently, she was unimpressed with how it looked on me, so she would snatch it back and place it upon her head.

Not for long though as she'd take it off as almost as soon as she'd put it on. So, I had to hold it there long enough for Cuppa to take a photo.

Or two.

She must have won the game and decided that I needed a conciliatory hug. We are getting lots of hugs these days. I don't mind it at all.

Shoes Too ... Mine This Time

I keep a very (as in very, very, extraordinarily) cheap sandals at Thesha's. They serve primarily as indoor shoe-slippers. Let's face, the kids is ridiculously fascinated by them. A day for her seems not to be complete unless and until she has a rendezvous with my sandals. Sometimes, they are taken off my feet, put back, taken off ... and so on ... and on.

Sometimes she tries them on her own feet.

But there are so many distractions, particularly by that Elmo character.

One on and one to go.

Hang on. I have to take another peek at Elmo.


Amanda said...

Trying to fill Grandpas shoes!!!
AC, she is just so cute.

JunieRose2005 said...


I love your adventures with miss Nikki Dee!

She's so pretty! Lucky you! Lucky little girl too! :)


KGMom said...

It is true that kids love to play with grown-up shoes. Maybe it's because they can put them on (and off) without adult assistance. Then walk around and pretend to be SO BIG.

Rachel & Natalie's Mommy said...

Hugs from little kids are the best by far...and they aren't as sloppy as their kisses :)

Love the pics as always!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Donna said...

She is the Sweetest thing Ac!! Love her Lots!! Happy weekend!hughugs

Anonymous said...

How adorable is that! She is such a cutie-pie. :-)

ChrisB said...

Just beautiful. I loved Cuppa's pictures with the new hat as well! Nikki Dee is so photogenic.

Janet said...

What is it with kids and shoes? Mine are forever walking around in my high heels and their Daddy's work boots. The other day they both had on my shoes on their feet and their father's white athletic socks on their hands. I took their picture but I can't post it because, as they say around here, "They was nekkid as a jaybird!"