Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bean, It Is

At this point, with hundreds more still to comment (lol), the Bean moniker seems to be much preferred over the Daub possibility. I haven't received much in the way of other suggestions, so it's Bean for now anyway.

Meanwhile, I can't help reflect that Bean is already getting less attention than Smudge did at this point. You see, that image (of yesterday's post) was with us for a week before I got it scanned and blogged. It wasn't just me but Mother Thesha as well. She didn't get around to asking me to scan it, and it took me a week to remember to volunteer. So, whether it's our own immediate offspring or those of our children, the second child seems to get fewer photos ops.

That's the way it was with our second, Aldee. She simply didn't get the same number of photos taken — early on anyway. Oh she got her share; she wasn't exactly sat in a corner and forgotten. It was simply that everything was more familiar the second time around, and, as a result, we didn't rush quite so madly for the camera. It's certainly not that the second was (or is) loved any less (or more) than the first; it's just that everything was less novel.

So, welcome into existence Bean, and don't be offended if, once you get here, your Grandma only takes fifty pictures per day rather than the one hundred that Smudge gets.


Lorna said...

Had you considered Smidge?

Anonymous said...

Another little (bean)sprout... how absolutely wonderful!!! :-)

sare said...

Wahoo! I am so excited - I really couldn't believe it when Sha told me the news. Looks like baby t.spoon will have a little bean to play with, and only four weeks apart! EXCITING for sure!

Lots of love,

Kila said...

Oh, Smudge and Sprout!

I've actually taken the most photos of boy #3, since I know he's the last one. He's also the easiest to take photos of. I hardly ever capture a good photo of boy #1.

Donna said...

Enjoy it! Doesn't look like there will be any More beans OR sprouts around here....:O(
So, Take those pictures!!!hughugs

mreddie said...

And a very honorable title it is too. I fought off the urge suggest a first name for bean, like pinto or lima - or even navy. :) ec