Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of Apathy and Garbage

AC is very apathetic this week: about writing, cooking, just about everything — even eating and that is just too alarmingly startling for words. I think it's the first time in 60 years, through sickness and health, that I've been off my feed.

But there's always something to contemplate. Since it's Pickup Day here, I got to cogitating why the recycling truck is manned by only one guy and the garbage truck by two. After all, the recycler has to do it all himself, and that takes time because he has to sort every bin. Couldn't he use some help? Garbage pickup goes quickly, however, but they have two guys — one to drive and one to pickup. Isn't that overkill?

Then I thought maybe that's exactly why; with pickup going so quickly it would be a problem for one guy to empty the container and then hop in and drive to the next house. What a time-waster that would be just getting in and out behind the wheel. By the same token, if the recycling truck had two guys one would sit idle for a long time while the other sorted, and two couldn't really sort because they would get in each other's way.

Phew! Speaking of sorting, I'm so relieved that that's sorted in my tiny little mind, and I'll bet you're also relieved to uncover these important mysteries of modern, urban life.

However, I'm a little less sanguine about the other puzzle of the week. The drain cleaning truck came by, and it took three guys: one to drive the truck and maneuver the hose and the other to place the hose accurately and fasten it so the suction could begin.

Now, the astute among you will have counted to two and will wonder where the heck the third guy fits. Well ... he's the one who lifts the drain cover and then puts it back when the cleaning is completed. That's all he does. He drives a separate truck for this little job and keeps just a little ahead of the cleaning truck. My guess is that he works for the city and is authorized to lift covers but the other guys are contracted and are not permitted — or some such. Now, I don't really understand why it has to be that way, but I am guessing that's the logic (and I use the word lightly).

So ... that's all I have for today ... and at this rate maybe even for this whole week. Sad, isn't it?


Judy said...

Oh! Write more! Write more!

I'm in that same funk.

I need a career. I'd like to think I'm qualified already to be the person on the job who stands around with a large container of coffee in my hand looking into a freshly dug hole.

I think I would be darling at that. I might even say things like, "Oooo. That is one nice freshly dug hole!"

KGMom said...

Not to worry--you have company in the garbage musings.
Here, our recycling truck dumps EVERYTHING into the same receptacle. That's OK for glass and cans, which we put in one container. But we also can recycle newspapers and magazines, and those get dumped in with glass and cans.
Hmmmm--how does that work. I am skeptical as to its eventual destination. Is it really just TRASH after all, and not recycling?

Heather said...

I was just reading about the dilemna they're having in Montreal where there's a bylaw that says you have to keep the sidewalk in front of your home or business clean, but there's also a union rule that says only union members can do sidewalk cleaning. So you can get fined for cleaning your street OR for not cleaning it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Donna said...

Hahahahahaha....Oh My...One of those drain cleaners is Surly the "Supervisor"...Hahaha...happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Amanda said...

'How many men does it take to change a lightbuild?'...!!
It sounds alot like that old joke:)

Dora said...

i think that 3rd person might fall into the category of 'he needs to be doing "something" for the pay we give him but the person making most of the decisions is the least qualified to make them' mentality.

You aren't the only one who thinks of stuff like that. I've often wondered what it would be like to be able to capture the thoughts of people who think those things through and put their ideas to work. I think it would be a much grander use of the taxes they take from us to do the muck job they do now.

megz_mum said...

Very good to ponder on some of these issues - and to write about them.
Hope your appetite returns soon!

womaninawindow said...

Absolutely illustrates our excesses over here in North America, doesn't it? And yet the one guy who might be doing something to (I use this lightly) save the planet is all alone...

Pearl said...

It's too nice of weather to be indoors anyway. Summer's got a free optional kit of R&R apathy.