Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grampa Gets a Hairdo

Ah, the things we do for love. I even let The Bonnie Wee One brush my hair, by which I really mean that I permitted her to bang on my head with the brush. I also had to fend off the occasional attack on my ears as she is quite drawn to my hearing aids.


Anonymous said...

Its a tough job.. but someone has to do it. :-)

Some of those knocks sounded pretty hard. :-)

Amanda said...

A budding hair~stylist you have there!!

Donna said...

I think she's got Grampa "wrapped"!!LOLhahaha...Fun!

Kila said...

Any bruises showing today? ;)

You have too much fun with her; lucky girl!

JunieRose2005 said...

;) Loved the vid!!

She's so precious- and you're both so lucky to have each other and such a fun thing going! :)

Well, Cuppa too~ :) Oh! We loved the times when our grands were little!!


Cathy said...

I knew you were doin' fine the last little while and I see on perusing the delights herein that you're doin' WAY MORE THAN FINE.

Wow. What a would give for a hairdo by Niks.

Lordy. I remember when she was a wee smudge on a sonogram.

You and Cuppa are blessed.

PS. Thanks for showing up when I didn't :0)

mreddie said...

2 cute 2 B 4gotten. I do remember a few hairdos of my own when the first granddaughter came along - a few hairpins too. That is way in the past now. :) ec

womaninawindow said...

We're the best kind of suckers for kids, aren't we?