Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Most Definite but Gentle Reminder

It happened just now (I am writing this on Friday evening to post on Saturday) for the second time ever. This time I got right up in expectation, and so did he. And we went downstairs together, and I poured some cat milk in a dish, and he received it contentedly because the universe was at that point unfolding precisely as it should.

I had been at my computer, just like the other time it happened. As I concentrated on reading a blog, I was distantly aware of the cat rubbing lovingly up against my foot. Well, he does that a lot, so I paid him no mind in my state of distraction. At most times, I would expect him to do what he does best and have a nap. However, this was a nine o'clock rubbing, just about the time that he might expect the nightly offering of cat milk before he and Cuppa and, sometimes but not often I so early, I settle down for the night.

After a few moments of this wonderful feline rubbing, the cat brought me sharply but also gently to the present with a little nip to my ankle. That's when I stood up expectantly in good humour, because it had happened once before, and even a moronic human such as I can be trained. I sauntered to the door of my den, and just as I expected, he pranced along, at first beside me and then ahead of me as I descended to the kitchen.

He was very patient whilst I ambled my clumsy, human form downstairs, found the appropriate dish, opened the fridge, poured the milk, returned the container to the fridge, and finally lowered the dish onto the floor.

Very patient. Good kitty.


KGMom said...

Oh, I am giggling: "even a moronic human such as I can be trained".
Methinks you have been WELL trained.

Pam said...

For all of us who own cats, we know who rules.

Love the pictures of Nikki Dee and you doing your stretches... think she's ready to walk on your back?

P.S. I'm dancing.

Amanda said...

That cat has got you well trained!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is just too funny! The Rock is one smart kitty. :-) One thing about cats.. they know what they want.. and they want it now. :-)

Dora said...

Cute :)

We used to have a cat appropriately named Bumper who would wake before the humans and then proceed to hop up on the bedroom furniture that had any horizontal surface and begin 'bumping' the object off onto the floor. He's start with the dresser and then proceed to the nightstand until the human in the room would get up and fill his dish with the morning meal.

At least Bumper didn't nip on the ankle :) He just tried to break family heirlooms :/

Donna said...

You must Never forget, "Cat Who Must Be Obeyed"....ever...hahahaha

womaninawindow said...

I'd say you are the patient one!

Turtle Guy said...

a moment to be cherished, indeed.