Friday, August 01, 2008

Foto Friday

A Bit of Local Geography

I know that I've already posted photos of Dee and me down by the river, but we went again. I was more prepared this time; I took off my socks and shoes to keep them dry (look behind me on the dock) and held her more securely between my legs rather than off to the side. It worked much better.

I also wanted to post some more distant shots so you could see more of the general setting: such as the big rocks in the photo below. Admittedly, in this case they've been placed there for aesthetic reasons, but the landscapers probably didn't have to travel very far from home in order to find such specimens. The bedrock is very close to the surface here, so close that it planting a flower can be problematic. Although you may think that I say that in jest, I'm actually not exaggerating by more than a titch because many people who attempt to garden here, bring in soil and raise the flower beds.

Below: Cuppa moved away from us to capture more of the Mississippi River, which is quite wide here. (Relax, it's not the Mighty Mississippi of American fame.) Surprisingly, at least to me, is the fact that because of its fast flow the centre of the river doesn't freeze in winter. It does close to the bank and in the distance beyond the horizon where it widens into a lake. Behind the camera, however, it narrows and gains even more speed, which is at least partly why this town is here: a good location for mills back in the early days.

I have yet to go swimming in this river, but I have a feeling that Dee will get me in there in the years to come. It's not that I have anything against being in the water, and I have been in colder water than this (or as cold), but I simply haven't gotten around to it. After all, water play isn't a big item on the average sixty-year-old's list when you come to think of it.

Note: there are some trailers by the bank in the top left of the photo, but that's temporary because they turn the park into a campground for a country music festival on the first weekend in August, and some campers have been here for a week already. What anticipation!


Pearl said...


the bedrock has pretty thin skin around there. Looks like a great bit of water to dip a canoe into. Did that myself once, somewhere along the river in 92 I think.

Amanda said...

It looks beautiful AC and i would love to visit there. As i said, we are hoping to go back to Canada next year. Fingers crossed! I would love stay there, never mind just visit! :-D

dabrah said...

It looks fabulous and peaceful there. Was the water cold?

Lorna said...

will you be at the music festival? I'll be the one in the sequinned runners.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Such beautiful country side. Mighty rivers are always awesome. How interesting that it does not completely freeze in the winter. That must be a bit hazardous at times.

ChrisB said...

That looks wonderfully peaceful