Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Endorsing Mimico Musings

Adding blogs to my blogroll is one of those little chores that I tend to procrastinate over. I attribute some of this to the fact that I think that I should really make some sort of proper introduction rather than just plop the link in the sidebar. However, life being what it is, I always find other things to do, and I also never seem to run short of blog topics.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Dale's Musings and Meanderings from Mimico.

Dale's blog is very much a personal journal; he writes to his muse, Ms J. While many of us author personal blogs, most of us don't approach the intimate intensity of Dale's posts. He writes with emotion about his life, family, and friends. These days for example, his son, Dan, is a major focus. Like many teens, Dan has had some involvement with drugs and some difficulty pulling his life together. Dale makes you care about Dan and the others about whom he chooses to write.

Although I am not innately drawn to blogs that are quite so diary-like, I make a clear and happy exception for Musings and Meanderings from Mimico. Dale absorbs the reader with his very lucid and intense writing style. He makes you care. I believe that most of you will be glad that you clicked.

PS: To get it to fit in the sidebar without wrapping, I took the liberty of abbreviating the title to Mimico Musings.



Norma said...

Thanks for the pointer. I took a look. The one I read was pretty depressing, but he is a good writer. Loved your bird photos.

Daniel said...

I'm the Dan in his journal. I'm Dale's son. Dale passed away in November of 2020 after a double lung transplant. Our relationship may have been fractured. But we managed to make peace before he passed. Not a day goes by where I don't miss him. I'm glad people were able to see his stories. His musings... I'm a grown man now. With children and a wife. I was lucky enough to have my dad at my wedding aswell.