Saturday, January 22, 2005

Little Chickadee

We have company for the weekend, so I have posted this photo in advance — lest my absence were to bitterly disappoint and ruin weekends the world over. Yes Virginia, I have a sense of humour — although not necessarily a good one.

This is also The Boy's handiwork — I take credit only for allowing him ample opprotunity to play with my camera.



writersblock said...

Another beauuuuuutiful shot. I have the same camera as you, by the way.

Iona said...

This bird seems smaller than the others. A baby bird? :)

Marykay said...

[This is an old note I found in my draft's folder in my email. Sorry it took so long to reply!!! ]

Thanks for the note. I found you through "Actual Untouched Photo" /melodee128....I like your blog. My husband is from Canada (Ontario) originally so I have a soft spot, though I don't envy the cold winters. I grew up in Chicago and once I headed south I swore not to return unless I was rich enough to have all the snow goodies (snowmobiles, money to ski, a great 4 wheel drive, and money for a vacation in the south for mid-winter break). Obviously, that didn't happen. ha ha , but I am wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops today so I don't mind at all.

I'll keep checking in and enjoying.