Monday, January 10, 2005

A Bird in the Bush

I took some wonderful photos of birds eating out of Cuppa's hand today. The nuthatches and chickadees have appeared so bold that we guessed that they might feed directly from the hand — the gloved (or mitted) hand at least. Sue held an apple with peanut butter in her outstretched mitt. Although the birds showed immediate interest, they were a little reluctant to alight. There were many chickadees excitedly hovering about, but it took the apparently lone nuthatch to lead the way. She made two separate visits, both long enough for Cuppa to enjoy thoroughly. Two chickadees eventually followed suit, or at least one visited twice. I took close ups of them on the and wider shots which included Cuppa who was registered great delight. It was quite a wonderful experience.

However, I lie; I didn't really take any photos at all. I didn't take any photos because, fool that I am, I forgot to install the memory card. Let's put it down to my recent illness and lack of sleep, shall we? Let's not attribute it to premature senility. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

However, when we got back from our walk we saw a woodpecker at the suet ball, and there was another in the tree. Back for the camera we went, remembering this time to insert the memory card. I shot many photos from various distances within a short period of time

I have chosen to share two with you. I hope that you enjoy them. I also hope that the nuthatches and chickadees will give us another chance on another day.


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