Thursday, January 27, 2005

Last Hours

Sometimes emotions catch me unaware. Usually I am very happy to arrive at (ahem) The Cottage, and usually I am more than content to depart. In point of fact, up until a day or two ago, I was rather looking forward to packing up and heading for home. Generally, I seem to be that way; once I know that something is imminent, then I'd just as soon that it should occur so that I can get on with whatever is to come next. Lest one mistakes my meaning, I speak of anticipating such events as trips, dinners, or others outings and not events such as appointments for root canals, colonoscopies, or frontal lobotomies. Things of that ilk, I am more than happy to put off indefinitely.

This day of lasts added fuel to the slight bit of melancholy that I had been beginning to feel. The last, glorious walk through Poyson Fen, past Treebeard (see him here), and onto the frozen river. The last glimpse of a Riverwood sunrise and then a Riverwood sunset. Most of all: the last feeding of the chickadees.

Once again, they swooped onto the peanut butter jar while I was still far from The Feeding Tree. No camera: I just watched them, chatted them up, and revelled in their company. When I got to the tree, I only placed one dollop at first. I stood there, my face not more than a hand-length away, and I chattered to them some more. These guys, I will miss!

One reader has jokingly likened me to St Francis: bald head included. There is more than a bit of truth to that. Somehow, the presence of animals touches me, especially birds such as these who are not bound to me but choose to trust me. They look right into my eyes, just as I look into theirs. I choose to believe that we both see kindness, acceptance, and even trust.

I will miss these tiny feather-fluffs. So much life in such tiny bodies. Yes, I'm feeling a bit of emotion — of leaving them and of leaving the beauty of Riverwood.

I took this picture this morning before our final snowshoe walk. My goal was to try to 'freeze' them in flight. Even at a shutter speed of 1/800th of a second, the birds were nothing but a feathery blur in some attempts. No great picture this, but with several birds on the roof and one in flight, I thought it good enough to share.

We're heading to Toronto to visit Cuppa's sister this weekend and then back home early next week. I can't imagine that I will have time to write, but, like last weekend, I have set a few photos aside in draft mode.

I'm doubtful that I will continue to post as frequently as I have recently. In truth, I am not totally thrilled with my recent posts: too banal, more of a chronicling of events rather than the perceptive musings which I prefer. Perhaps I need to back off and post less frequently.

Thanks for reading regardless. I'll talk to you again next week, but, in the meantime, stay tuned for a photo or two over the next few days.



Badpatty said...

I don't know whether or not you're aware, but Loner and I both read your blog frequently. While it feels a bit strange saying this to a complete stranger across the continent, I want to thank you for your kind words to her on Loner's Ridge. She's a good and wonderful woman who has had a rough run of things, and the kind words of a stranger have truly helped.


Iona said...

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for sharing all those great pictures! Through the link I ended up on your Riverwood website and I think I spent at least half an hour just watching pictures!
I liked all the different nature pictures from Canada, taken during the fall and winter. Also I saw some wedding pictures. Wow, Shauna looked very beautiful and everything just looked so perfect, it brought tears to my eyes! Lovely!
Well, have a nice weekend!