Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Feeding Tree

The birds continue to descend ravenously on our offerings, which consist mainly of peanut butter. You have seen the photos of the woodpecker who continues to claim ownership of the suet ball. He seems to be on the ball (so to speak) for many hours a day.

The bluejays hover under the suet ball to claim the seeds that fall from the woodpecker's peckings. They also lay primary claim to the popcorn that we spread under the tree and to the peanuts in the shell that we distribute. Much to their annoyance, however, we aren't well stocked with peanuts. The jays aren't as prone to linger about when we are out; so it is unlikely that I will be posting any photos of them. I have a telephoto lens, but it isn't powerful enough to get me close enough to the skittery bluejays.

There is also a red squirrel who seems to be perpetually busy around the feeding tree. He'll do his best to gather the apple slices on which we spread peanut butter. Likewise, in addition to competing with the bluejays for popcorn, he has been absconding with the pine cones that we smear with that good, old peanut butter — good for man or beast.

It's the chickadees who are by far most plenteous, however. As soon as we get near the feeding tree, at least three or four will put in an immediate appearance. I'm not sure how many there are in all. Like the nuthatch, they are quite brave and bold. They will land only a few feet away from us on a tree branch, and, of course, as you see in these photos, they will also land right on the hand if there is food to be had. They are a little more hesitant than the nuthatch, but they get there eventually. As you can see, they are terribly cute little fellows.



Iona said...

Amazing! Just eating from the hand! I like bird pictures, unfortunately I haven't had the chance to take any. I guess I'm too impatient. You did a good job! Perfect sharpness and good aperture settings to blur the background!

Melodee said...

I love those pictures!