Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Bird on the Head

Ever since we started this feeding of the birds business, I have been waiting for a warm day to try this stunt. Since we are to leave shortly, I decided that I could no longer wait.

The stunt: I was hoping to attract five birds at once by putting a dollop of peanut butter on my head and, via apple slices, to my shoulders and hands. It didn't work as hoped. At best, I was only able to entice three birds at one time; sadly, we weren't even quick enough to capture that brief moment.

Notice that my hands are also bare? I wanted to feel their feet, and it was a rather pleasant sensation, even if my fingers did run the danger of falling off in the numbing cold. One demented chickadee didn't even bother with the peanut butter; she simply hammered away on my fingers. I guess she was taking out her frustration: from being brave enough to land but not brave enough to go to the centre of my hand for the food.



-epm said...

Awesome picture!

I was trying to think of why this image looks so darn familiar... and then I remembered: My grandmother had a statue of you in her garden, only then you were wearing a Franciscan robe... hairdo was the same though. :)

Anonymous said...

Wash your forehead, I think I see a dropping
so says Saint Paul

Iona said...

Cool! It looks kind of funny, but I bet it's a nice experience...