Monday, January 03, 2005

The Welcoming

We drove back to the country cottage today. We were greeted by the cries of chickadees who were still indulging themselves in the food that we left for them more than a week ago. How surprising to find that there is anything remaining. They love peanut butter, and I guess a little of that goes a log way when you're dealing with little critters such as these.

The picture is from last week, but we did bring a fresh suet ball with us to continue to entice them. We are thinking that hanging one single food source will make it easier to take photos than if they are flitting to and fro among three or four different food sources. It would be nice if I could position the camera in one spot, focus, and wait for the birds. Time will tell.


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Anvilcloud said...

I don't think that anything else much that can get at these items. We did hang a nut-ball (so to speak) on the other side of the house for the red squirrels, but they don't seem to be very active these days.