Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Revisiting the Scene

We begin the process of bringing our rather extended vacation to an end. This morning, we gathered our trash and recyclables to deposit at the local dump. In just this past year, the township has begun to collect these items, just as they do in larger communities, but non-residents (i.e. cottagers) have yet to be granted such a boon.

What I wanted to do, on the way there, was to stop by the scene of Harriet's Slalom, show it to Cuppa and take some snapshots. However, the roads were very slippery and the going was very tenuous this morning, so we decided to pass up a trip down a relatively unused, winding, and sloping sideroad. With Cuppa to constantly remind me, I stuck to the main roads, drove extremely cautiously and arrived at the dump without mishap.

We proceeded to the local village to pick up our formerly flat tire, only to find Mr Tirefixer out assisting somebody else in distress. The nerve! With not much else to do for an hour, we repaired to the local, seven-table restaurant. We had five tables from which to choose and, even though it was lunchtime, ordered breakfast food, which was rather tasty. We have visited this little restaurant several times in the past, and the food is always tasty, even though the menu is, quite understandably, limited.

By the time we had dined and had our tire installed, the roads were in somewhat better shape, so we did venture to Saturday's Scene. The top photo shows the slope that I slalomed down. The second photo is an attempt to show the spot where Harriet and I landed. Because they have already banked new snow, the previously large gouge seems muted, but perhaps you can begin to appreciate the situation from what you can see. For example: can you tell how hard-packed the sub-strata is and begin to deduce what a chore it was for this old geezer to make such a supreme and fruitless effort?


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