Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Bird in the Hand

Yesterday I posted two photos of birds in the bushes — close enough to bushes anyway.

Today, we took a trip to the city, mainly to stock up on inkjet photo paper. One of my projects while here in the country is to catch up on the family photo album, and I have gone through the pack of thirty that I brought with me. The nearest city is almost an hour and a half away, but it has an Office Depot. I quite like their brand of photo paper, and the price is right, especially if you buy in bulk. I purchased a pack of 100 sheets for less than fifty cents a page, which is pretty decent. The output is pretty decent too. Although most printers will print slightly better if you use their own brand, I don't think that too many amateurs would be disappointed by the quality that the Office Depot brand affords.

Well, the point is that we didn't get back, unpacked, and out to feed the birds until 4:30, which is just about the gloaming hour these days and just about bedtime for the wee birdies. The usually plentiful chickadees were nowhere to be seen, but the singular but faithful nuthatch alighted bravely for what seemed like a good minute or so. She made sure she got what she wanted before saying goodnight. Don't you just love her?

Actually I have no idea of the sex of the bird, but it seems as though this one should be a she. We had two zebra finches once. I was sure that they were both boys — until one laid an egg. Tsk tsk: such goings-on.

I hope you enjoy the photo where she seems to be looking directly at Cuppa and imparting some sort of pertinent — or impertinent — wisdom. The light wasn't the best, and I hope to have another chance when it is both earlier and sunnier, but if I don't get another opportunity, I shall remain happy with this shot.



karla said...

I’m completely awestruck! I had to call my husband over to show him this photo. I never would have thought a bird to be so bold and brave! How lucky

karla said...

oops...fingers were too quick on the trigger.

I meant to finish by saying how lucky you and your wife are to have such an amazing opportunity.