Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walking with JJ

Ask JJ to go for a walk, and he's pretty well programmed to respond with enthusiasm.

On this particular day, we began with coats.

He seldom misses a chance to climb on an electrical box.

And he seldom hurries. There is much to do and ponder in JJ land.
This particular day was warm enough that we soon doffed our jackets, but that didn't make him any faster.


Diana said...

I can foresee JJ taking on a lot of his gradpa's mannerisisms! He also looks much older in the first photo... they grow so fast! Love Di ♥

Dimple said...

I think JJ is still in the stage where pretty much everything brings a sense of wonder. It does slow a person down, and it also slows down those who are along. I's an enjoyable time!

Donna said...

Too Cute! You DO know that he looks just like you when you were a baby?!!

Lorna said...

that kid has the corner on cute.

Bernie said...

Looks like an enjoyable walk to me AC, none better than with your grandchildren. I love seeing through the eyes of a child, see some pretty special stuff....:-)Hugs

Regenia said...

I particularly like this last picture. He looks like he is giving serious thought to something. Love it!