Monday, October 08, 2012

Thanksgiving 1

I continue to endeavour to fill Sue's shoes (say "Sue's shoes" fast three times) to bring family news to the masses family. Today is Thanksgiving (proving yet again how much smarter we are than Americans by scheduling it now during harvest season /wink/ ), but we enjoyed our turkey feast yesterday. This pics are primarily Before the Feast photos. As you will soon see, life is never dull around these kids.

Dani had been dancing, and I had wanted to take a picture of that, but
Mr Hambone insisted on hogging the show.

I think this was more clowning than dancing,
especially by the elder Mr Hambone in the rear.

When she dances with me one the tabletop she becomes Sue's height.

Even better is a snuggle dance

JJ is in his superhero mode after watching Power Rangers
and their shenanigans, usually with their magical swords

This is primarily after the feast. As you can see by their unfinished plates, the kids are not really into TG food yet. This should resolve itself, once they permit themselves to enjoy gravy. They don't eat stuffing either. I was telling Danica that when I was her age, my parents and grandparents got a kick out me insisting that the stuffing was really the turkey.


Donna said...

So glad y'all had a wonderful feast! Makes me hungry!
Love all the dancing!

KGMom said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Wonderful scene from a happy family life. That's all one needs to be thankful.
I love the photo of you & granddaughter dancing.
BTW--the good news here is that our first grandchild (a granddaughter) is due in December. We have our tickets bought ready to fly on Christmas Day--just hoping the baby can tell time & arrives by due date.

Diana said...

I can surely see how much the grands love their Buppa!! I'm glad you had a good day, whatever type of food you had. One year we did Lasagna as we all were tired of the same old T.D. fare!! Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

Happy Thanksgiving John, everyone looks to have had a good time. I had 2 wonderful turkey dinners and will be full for a few days I'm sure. Hope Sue's hand is better.