Monday, December 03, 2018

We Really Cracked Up This Weekend

Here's a little happening that would make a fine addition to my recent posts. You know the ones: I am not making ...  Enough already! I refuse to repeat that title, but here is the account.

It happened on Saturday when we had company.

Sue was boiling the Thanksgiving turkey bones in order to make a big pot of stew later that day to serve for supper. We always do this. We've had the stove for 13 years and have usually done this twice a year: once with the Thanksgiving turkey and once with the Christmas turkey. (Note: with Thanksgiving and Christmas more than 2 months apart, many Canadians cook a turkey on both occasions.)

Sue had just stirred the pot and turned around toward the sink when she heard a fearsome cracking sound. She turned to see this. ↓↓↓↓↓↓

The pot had been on the right front element, and you can see how the cracking spread.

Can I say it now? This really cracks me up.

But no wisecracks from the peanut gallery, please, 'cause we're cracked enough as it is. At least this is what our daughters and grands tell us.

Maybe I should really be on cr---. No, I won't even write that in jest.

Needless to say, the traditional cooking of the stew was halted immediately.

We had a store-bought lasagna in the freezer, and that had to suffice for supper or dinner (your choice). I have read recently that battle lines are drawn over these two words, with folks fighting righteously for their preference. This is the internet after all.

Meanwhile, the boiling of the bones was completed later that day at daughter's place. And the rest of the ingredients will be added and cooked later today for our weekly family supper, which will of some necessity be held at their house this week.

I am pleased to report that in addition to the usual Christmas expenses, we have added a rather large amount in the expense column. Not to worry though as our pensions have been increased by $12/mo for the coming year.

For the price that we were forced to pay for the new appliance, you'd think it would come embossed with gold, but I am sorry to report that is far from top of the line. Besides, the cost is exceedingly inconsequential because mighty rich we are.

Yeah sure. Cough. Sputter. As if. Wishful thinking.

Note: the stove had already been repaired once, and the oven was still a bit off, so after 13 years of use, we did not even contemplate trying to have it repaired.


Tabor said...

Is that an inductive oven? How long did it take to get the replacement installed. I only ask, because my stovetop is going anyday now.

Jim Flack said...

I replaced my stove a couple years ago. National debt be damned! I wonder what made it suddenly crack the top. If anyone offers any hints as to why this happened, publish it. Mine has a glass top too. I am very careful not to drop or slide anything on the surface.
Merry Christmas to you from you! Your generosity to yourself is overwhelming. LOL!

Jenn Jilks said...

They are expensive to repair! In Muskoka, our cracked and they wanted $500 to do so. We replaced it with a non-glass top. Then the one here got sick, we bought it with the house, and we bought a very inexpensive non-glass one! I am much happier with it.

Peace Thyme said...

Wow! That was a dangerous situation. Good that you were home and not out and about with the stove on simmer.

How come in Canada you get a $12 pension raise and Donald is only gonna give me $6. One more reason to move to Canada!

We have turkey for Thanksgiving (and the soup made from the carcass this year was outstanding!) and a large lamb roast for Christmas dinner. Just like my grandmothers tradition.

Joanne Noragon said...

I am unable to comment on the stove. I could comment on supper and dinner, but won't. People who care can be rather stupid about it.

Anvilcloud said...

Tabor. I don't think was induction and our present one sure isn't. The one beside it in the store was but not this one I don't think.

PipeTobacco said...


If I were to hazard a guess about the stove.... I would suspect that perhaps the pan/kettle you used to boil the bones was *not* particularly flat bottomed. And, this can easily arise in pans/kettles when they are used on burners that are NOT glass (the tungsten coil type for instance, or gas). Over time the cook wear can bow and this create a concavity in the pan.

Now, I cannot say for sure that was the reason for the mishap.... but I mention it because in the instruction book on our glass-topped stove... the warnings against using any cook wear that was was not completely flat was stressed frequently (so much so that I remember that phrase occurring in my manual even though I have not read the manual in well over 20 years).

With that said, I have often used cook wear with a curve on the bottom, and though I may just be lucky, I have not had that mishap.... but frequently I do notice the non-flat cook wear will start to shake and rattle on the glass cook top as the pan heats up to boiling.

* * * * *

Thank you for the information about your flash! I hope your order goes through well! I ordered something from China, and it finally arrived 16 weeks later.... but it did arrive!

* * * * *

As for the "supper" and "dinner" debate.... for me they are synonyms... even though I probably say dinner most frequently.


William Kendall said...

Ouch! Definitely not a welcome expense, but has to be done.

My mother tended to use up the last of the turkeys in meat pies, which to be honest is the way I'd rather eat turkey.

Silver Willow said...

eek! Sorry about that!

Barbara Rogers said...

Whow, what a well managed crisis. We only had a couple of fires flare up on food under the broiler on Thanksgiving (American) and were able to blow them out before the smoke detectors went off. Of course new appliances do hit hard, but I hope you enjoy many years of delicious dinners and suppers on the new stove!

Marie Smith said...

There’s always something, AC.

Shammickite said...

Oh dear, I have one of those glass top stoves too, but so far, fingers crossed, all is well. But I'm sure it would be expensive to replace or repair so I try to treat it with a gentle touch!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Not a planned expense at this time of year, but then you could keep on with a microwave, but who would want to? Glad there was no human injury and that the turkey stew was able to be completed and enjoyed despite the crack-up (sorry I should have resisted, but why?) Hope the new appliance provides at least another 13 years of service.

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