Wednesday, December 26, 2018

On Christmas Eve

What with recent stove issues plus the fact that our Christmas dinner would have to take place on the Eve and considering that the kids aren't all that enthralled about the traditional turkey feast anyway, we decided to order Chinese.

I had called a week earlier to make sure that our favourite place would be open and delivering. "Oh yes, of course."

But I was still leery, so we dropped by shortly after they opened, just to double-check and pick up a menu, and we were told that there was no delivery and that we might be able to pick up our order in about three hours if we were to order soon.

Apparently, a lot of people order Chinese on Christmas Eve.

Not wanting to have to pick up at some indeterminate hour, we ordered from another popular place. It would still be a long wait, but not quite as long, and yes, they would deliver.

Apparently, a lot of people order Chinese on Christmas Eve.

In the meantime, we played games, mostly a drawing game before the food came.

We also took a few pictures.

Then the food arrived. It was good but probably not as good as our preferred place. We'll know how to organize ourselves better next year should we go this route again.

After dinner, there were more games, the main one being Heads Up: a trivia, speed game in which the guesser holds the phone over their head. A word pops up, and the others shout clues. Many of the words were current pop culture, and Sha and the kids did just fine. Old Buppa had problems with four people shouting different clues all at once. But it was fun: a good way to spend the Eve.

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Heads Up

Then it was time for bed. It was a fairly early night for all, considering, but the adults stayed up long enough to get the stockings ready. This was JJ's stocking which could not contain all of the goodies.

The cat curled up beside Danica's stocking, dreaming cat dreams.


William Kendall said...

The cat is too sweet!

In Quebec the Christmas Eve meal if often a tourtiere. My mother would often make beef bourguinon on that occasion.

Jenny Woolf said...

Sounds like a lovely family Christmas eve. I hope the Day itself was just as nice! Chinese is one of my least favourite cuisines so I can't envy you that. But maybe you don't envy our Christmas dinner either which was a smoked salmon salad and cranberry and sour cream pie. YUM. Merry Christmas!

Jenn Jilks said...

Poor Buppa!
We used to have Chinese food, too. There was always a candlelight service at church, and then goodies at a choir members' house, then church!