Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

As the heat continues ferociously and unabated with the feels-like temperature reaching past 40C/100F, we ventured out to the ballpark on the weekend. Sue's nephew and family stayed with us while their son was playing in a nearby tournament, and we took in a game.

I shot a few from beyond the left field fence. What with the lens fully extended plus cropping in post, there were a few keepers.

Above: on the left is my fave photo of the day. I love the expression. If you can capture that peak moment, the result is usually good. In the top right, he is hitting the ball that drove in several runs and ended the game. Bottom left: making a play at second.

Below: four versions of the big swing photo.

A few others.


Tabor said...

Nice, maybe you have a new career as a sort photographer!

Marie Smith said...

That photo on the left is perfect. The family will love that one for sure!

Mage said...

0Very nice photograph. I like the one on the bottom right,.

Jenn Jilks said...

You do so well with your photography!
I go for quantity, but then have to report. My kids are reading my posts from their vacay!