Thursday, August 09, 2018

Kids Day 9 Take 2

After Tims, it was off to the library.

First the door photo although Danica is finding it difficult to fit.

She likes to use the computers to visit Later, JJ got into the act too.

Once we finished inside the library, we spent some time just outside in the park. They call it or at least part of it Veterans Way. There are two cannons and there is a monument to the fallen. They like to play on these. One wonders about climbing on the monument. Is it disrespectful? I thought about it and decided that they died for freedom and for kids being kids and having fun. Still, I am sure that others might disagree.

Danica is not as agile as Jonathan and needed some help to get down from there, but we managed.


Marie Smith said...

The ultimate freedom is for our children to be able to play as your grandkids did AC.

Mage said...

You two are doing well with both kids. Tabor is doing grandkids this summer too. Bravo.

Mara said...

I like Danica in the door. It just seems like she is having so much fun trying to fit, even if she has already outgrown it somewhat.

MARY G said...

Climbing on things, including monuments, is a child's right. Although I was trained not to step on graves as a child. you are doing super grandpaing.

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes. I disagree. It's a memorial. But what do I know?!
I've not thought about ancestry. My middle son wasn't real keen on it.