Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Short Sit

Sue goes to a ladies exercise class two mornings a week. Lately, she has been cycling the 3km to class. We use the nearby trail for the first half of the ride, and the second half is on very quiet streets, so it's a nice ride.

Since she's a little reluctant to cycle on her own, I have been escorting her back and forth. Between her two trips, I usually come back to the house for a half hour or so, and then cycle back for her. I don't mind the extra bit of exercise.

But this week, for whatever reason, I struggled a bit on the ride, so I didn't come back to the house. I intended to head to the coffee shop, but when I arrived, it was full, and I'd really had my fill of coffee that morning.

So, I kept cycling and stopped on the dock at the park for a bit where I took this pano. I like taking panos with the phone; it's easy to do, and then it stitches the scene very well.

This is a 180° photo which looks like I'm sitting on a v-shape dock, but I assure you that it was straight.

When I upload these panos to FB, I can hold the phone up and just rotate the phone so that the photo rotates as if the viewer was sitting in the same spot. I really like this, but it doesn't work here.

If you click on the image below from FB, it should take you there for the rotating view if you wish to see it. (I think.)

You'd think that I could have just sat and enjoyed the scene for more than a few minutes, but I find it difficult to sit and just contemplate. It's not that I am an energetic guy who's always into projects, but I do find it difficult just to sit and do nothing. I will fiddle on the computer or pick up the tablet or a book or whatever. It's a bit of a weakness really because that was such an enjoyable scene. I mean, I did appreciate it, but not for as long as some would have.

I kept on riding before heading back to rendezvous with Sue and thereby put on more miles than I would have had I returned home. But it was pleasant enough, and I found that I was no loner struggling with the ride.


Mara said...

I am still new to my smart phone, so wouldn't even know where to start with a panoramic view! I will figure it out eventually though.

Joanne Noragon said...

Occasionally I take a really god photo; mostly I forget how. But, I can come here and look at yours.

Mage said...

The photo works wonderfully in Facebook. Refreshing.

Marie Smith said...

Greateffect! Love it!

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful! I used to love riding a bike but our steep hills make it a lot more work than fun, in my opinion.

Jim Flack said...

Bike riding is something I want to do. In fact, I just bought a new bike. My old on was heavy, wide tires, lots of gears, etc. I could barely lift it into the bike rack on my car. This one is light and has less bells and whistles. The weather then got to scorch temps, so new bike is still unridden in the garage. But cooler weather is coming, so maybe I will get out and about some before the snow flies!! (Now there's a depressing thought!!) Have a great weekend!! Be careful out there on the bikes!

Jenn Jilks said...

That is marital dedication! Good for you. I cannot meditate, but I can sit by the water for periods of time.

Re: you comment on my blog. We didn't have that much rain, AnvAClcloud! We're in a drought in Lanark County, and had only 48 mm total for August! Ottawa gets the Lake Effect clouds from the Great Lakes (102 mm)! Even you, in CP, gets more than we do. It just dissipates. We still have a formal drought, and I'm happy for the 4.8 mm rain today!

Kay said...

It’s so great that you are both maintaining your exercise. I have such a tough time with it. My FitBit keeps me feeling guilty.

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