Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kids Day 10: The Rest of the Day

This is it, folks — the last of the last day. Having said that, we may go out with them tomorrow. It's just that their mother will be in charge. We shall see.

After the bike ride, we played another game of cribbage. They're still getting onto it but doing well. Danica impressed me toward the end of the game when she was able to count a hand of 16 without help. We were playing partners, and Danica and I defeated Sue and JJ by a very slim margin, and only because we got to count first at the end while they could have actually pegged farther than us.

Then it was off to Riverside Park for a picnic lunch. I set up the camera and placed it on the ground ...

... and got this picture, but I wish that I had focused better.

After lunch and some relaxation, we went for a drive to find the sunflower field that we found at this time last year. Sadly for us, it is a corn field this year.

So on we drove to the conservation area at Blakeney rapids where, of course, Jonathan had to perch on top of the old mill wheel.

But the main thing was the water. Although these are rapids, the water is low this year, so I encouraged them to wade out to the rocks. I wouldn't have done so in a higher water year, but it seemed safe with the water only coming up to their knees for the most part.

I had wanted to get out a way too because some of those rocks might make a nice foreground element for photos, but the rough yet slick rocks underneath were too much for my weak, injured foot to cope with. This discouraged me for a time, but I got involved in taking videos of the kids getting out there and playing. They had a very good time, and we enjoyed it vicariously.

The video is 2 minutes long.

When they were heading back to land, a snapping turtle went by. I can't recall ever seeing a turtle in the water like that, at least not in nature. It was well camouflaged and hard to see in the photo even though I darkened the area around the turtle and brightened the turtle a bit.

Day 10 was a very good final day with the little munchkins, who aren't so very little any more. Who knows when they will no longer want to hang out with their grandparents, so we enjoy it/them while we are able.


Joanne Noragon said...

You and Sue are making the glue you'll not lose these two! Nice vacation.

Marie Smith said...

So true. Enjoy while you can!

Mara said...

For some reason I always associate turtles with zoos and such. I don't think turtles are natural to where I come from, so that might be the reason.

To make a good day with children: forget all the fancy stuff and the roller coasters and such. Just get them to water and your day is made. I know I used to love playing around rocky rivers and such when I was young.

Mage said...

Even with the glue, they will wander off into the future at some point. What a lovely time.

Virginia Dean said...

I didn't realize I'd gotten so far behind … went back and got caught up. What a fun vacation and nice to see how well the kids get along. The youtube was fun.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Let the good times continue.

Jenn Jilks said...

Great coverage!! It's fun taking kids into the water.