Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cave Extras

I showed you pictures of the cave itself, but I have a few more of the tour in general.

On the way down to the caves, we walked past a view of the Bonnechere River. On the left in shadow are two cave openings which led the the 1853 discovery. While the name, Bonnechere, comes from French, the area was settled primarily by English who pronounce it something like Bon-sure.

We go down a set of stairs into the cave. I shot this at tour's end when we were coming back up.

At the actual entrance, and there are still a few more steps to decend once you are past it.

You've seen inside the cave already so, let's skip to after with the usual touristy photo ops.

Oh ... I almost forgot about the fossils. This one of the many items displayed and discussed before the tour. All the samples that they showed us are local, if not to the cave area itself, at least from the general Bonnechere area.

And here's a gigantic one in the display shop at the end of the tour. They recovered three parts to this creature and have it on a long piece of cloth to show how long it would have been if they had the missing parts.

And ... still one more: a crayfish in the depths of the cave. The only reason I could get any sort of picture at all was that someone was shining a flashlight. There was also a bat encounter which came about just when she was talking about where bats over-winter and how many there used to be. You should have heard the gasp.


Marie Smith said...

Fascinating experience AC. Worth the anxiety over the whole underground concept.

Shammickite said...

Caves are fascinating places aren't they? I've been in quite a few including a HUGE one in Slovenia. And another big one in Western Australia. And I went caving with the cave club when I was at grammar school.

Joanne Noragon said...

We have French names here in Ohio. Belle Fountain, for example. Pro ounced Belle Fountin, of course. Sad.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoyed seeing and reading about the cave exploration, John, but going down underground is not for me. Too many cramped spaces and dark areas.

Silver Willow said...

what a cool place!! Thanks for sharing!

Mage said...

What a nice visit. :)

Jenn Jilks said...

It's an amazing spot. I thought of it during the time the boys were stuck in their cave over seas.