Tuesday, August 14, 2018

On the Rocks at Sunset

Near us, but still on the Mississippi River at Appleton, there is a dam and power installation. Just beyond it, one can walk out on the rocks. I was accompanied by two friends because the footing was somewhat problematic for me and my silly right foot. If I fell on my own, there would be help.

Using my tripod as a cane to some degree, I managed reasonably well and only got one soaker when a rock wobbled when I was almost back to the bank at the end of the shoot. Only my right foot went in, so I mostly emerged unscathed.

I never got to the edge of the rocks where I was hoping to get a clear view of the sunset over the water and had to content myself with shooting from a less advantageous spot. Maybe I will make it to the edge if I ever summon the courage to try again.

Bob and Nick at the spot where we first found ourselves. Bob had a good composition in mind already, so nick and I moved on.

Before I moved on, however, I took this photo of a fisherman. I applied warming and glow filters liberally to get the effect that I was after. I usually try to keep my landscape photos close to reality, often with some enhancement, but sometimes I am moved to be more artistic in my interpretation. After all is said and done, I think this is my favourite result of the night.

With the sun now setting quickly I hobbled to a spot near a drop in height, so I set up my camera there and hoped for the best. While I think it would have been better to find a way down to the edge of the rocks, there was simply no time: not the way I limp and gimp anyway. lol

These were some of my attempts. You can see how the sun was almost down in the first and then below the horizon in the others. Some I've exposed darker and some lighter so you can see into the foreground rocks.


Mara said...

I think I am with you on the fisherman's photo: my favourite as well.

Christina said...

Beautiful! I never manage to take good photos of sunsets. It must be because I am lazy and don't use the manual function on my camera. The fisherman photo looks very romantic.

Marie Smith said...

All beautiful. I couldn’t pick a favourite.

Shammickite said...

A nice scenic spot to try out the camera!

Mage said...

Just lovely stuff.

Joanne Noragon said...

Those sky shots are fab!

Country Gal said...

Catching up here , Oh WOW ! all such beautiful photos .

Jenn Jilks said...

That's a neat spot. I'm glad you didn't risk life and limb for a shot!
I didn't realize you could go out there. But I'm not sure where you are, either! Is it that road that says private??!!