Thursday, May 31, 2018

That Number

Things went a little crazy on Flickr when someone noticed this photo and Flickr put it into a category called Explore. Which many did.

You'll remember the photo ... maybe.

So, look at the numbers (below the photo) after it caught people's attention.

What caught my eye was the number of faves -- 666. What's not to love about reaching that devilishly fine number?

Actually, I'm glad that I grabbed a screenshot because it didn't stay at 666 for very long.

The views and faves are slowing down though. As I type this I am stalled at 674 faves and 79,585 views. And of course, as soon as I type that and recheck the number, there are a more than a 100  more views and a few more faves.

Which is all by the by as it's really the 666 that this was all about.


Kay said...

I do love that photo, wicked number or not.

Mara said...

I bet you got some great comments as well though, despite the devilish number!

Joanne Noragon said...


Marie Smith said...

Wonderful exposure AC. No pun intended!

Doris Potter said...

A photo worthy of a tremendous number of views!