Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Finally! More Tulip Photos

When I posted  Spring Flowers Outdoors, I ad only one tulip to share: the first of the garden. But 9 days later they were all in full bloom and even beginning to wane. Sadly.

I wanted to get more shots, but I kept being thwarted by wind. Almost every time I looked out the window, it seemed to be blowing rather strongly although I did manage to get this photo a few days later.

That was taken with my macro lens and on a tripod. In post I worked to get a bright, airy feeling.

But then, due to the wretched wind,  I went a whole week without taken another photo. Finally, the wind yesterday morning was much lighter: present but not howling at least.

So, I made the most of the opportunity and took some more photos. Although I also experimented with the macro lens, these were all taken handheld with a moderate telephoto lens (70-300mm). Both the telephoto plus the handholding gave my cranky body a bit of a break. Rather than crawling through to garden, I was able to more or less keep to the sides.

All of these photos are shot with at least some degree of backlight. When I looked with the sun behind me and facing the flowers, it just didn't look good, and I didn't take any shots. They are also all taken with a wide aperture (f2.8) to keep the background soft and blurry.

These are all cropped in post, sometimes heavily and edited with the light and sunny look in mind.

I decided to add one more, this one from the macro lens but still sans tripod. Both the blur and bokeh are somewhat better with this lens for what it's worth.


Marie Smith said...

Great effect. Such a great hobby AC!

Tabor said...

Backlighting works better for me or gently lighting through clouds. I find front lighting is flat and removes the details. Maybe I will post some of my recent flower photos...you are an inspiration.

Mage said...

I like the tightly cropped images best. Yes, you inspire. :)

Jenn Jilks said...

These are exceptional. You've done so well.
That tripod is amazing, too!