Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Vigil

I have already posted one photo of The Vigil by the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets of Carelton Place at the Cenotaph through the night leading to Remembrance Day. I included it in another post of Remembrance because I wanted it to appear on Remembrance Day.

I now have a few others from that extremely cold and windy evening.

The cadets kept vigil in half hour shifts all through the bitter night, bless them. I stayed for maybe 20 minutes and became very chilled.

In some of the photos, you will see candles. There were 94 of them to remember and honour the 94 heroes who fell during conflicts. You can also see the cenotaph in three of the photos, with some detail in the first.

What a tribute!


Marie Smith said...

It is great to see youth participating that way!

Mara said...

Woollen underwear was probably worn by a lot of people in the past few days. The remembrance service in London looked to be very cold as well.

Silver in AZ said...

simple yet because of it, extremely moving!

Tabor said...

Night shots are the hardest, especially when they are important and meaningful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Very admirable that these cadets stood the vigil on a frigid night.

Debbie said...

wow, how moving, they deserve the honor bestowed on them!!!