Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Caps, Hats and Tuques

Someone asked about the colour of my caps after I posted this photo.

The reveal.

The collection began 8 years ago when Allyson and Alycia gave me the top two caps for Fathers Day when we were visiting them in Vancouver. I wear the red one when I want a dash of panache, and I wear the grey one most frequently as I don't have to worry about matching colours with my apparel.

I bought the plaid one several years ago and while it doesn't go with everything, I really like to wear it. I find that it works well with my rather neutral khaki colour, lightweight jacket.

The plain one under the red hat is the winter one which I mentioned previously. It's the newest and most expensive of the lot, but as I have already said, I don't like the lines, particularly with the earflaps pulled down.

I wear caps or hats most of the time in all seasons. It's partly for style but also out of necessity as a bald guy can get very hot or cold up there depending on the season. I don't wear ballcaps except at baseball games, which I don't go to anymore, but I was once upon a time a softball coach. Otherwise they don't particularly suit me or appeal to me. That's my opinion as it pertains to me; I know it is not widely held by about 100 million or more men on this continent.

I will wear caps indoors in arenas, shops, malls and low level coffee shops etc, but I doff in proper restaurants and other places where a certain amount of respect seems to be appropriate. Many others wear caps in any sort of building, but being raised when I was, it still seems socially inappropriate to me in many venues.

The 3 main caps are spring and fall weight: too hot for summer and not warm enough for Canadian winters. I have fedora-style hats for those seasons, partly because I cannot find suitable lightweight caps. I have had one or two in the past that I quite liked, but they elude me these days.

This is my summer hat. The winter one is of similar style but obviously a heavier material, and it also has earflaps.

I have looked through old photos, but this is the only picture that I can find of the winter hat. It will have to do for now.

That winter one is a lot of hat, so there are tuques (or toques) as active wear alternatives.

Well yes, I do get carried away sometimes. I could have stopped with the first two photos, which were all that were needed to answer the question about colour. But I didn't.


Marie Smith said...

I didn’t imagine a red one, but it is impressive. I didn’t realize there was such a hat protocol but it makes perfect sense with our weather!

Jim said...

Nice hat collection. Glad to know that there's another guy out there who likes hats as much as I do. I like the red one!!

Donna said...

Well, I do declare! A living, breathing, gentleman, living in the North...Boys aren't really being taught this in schools today. I really only find it in rural areas now. Well done Ac!
Love the caps...

Mara said...

That must be a Canadian term: toque or tuque. I would call that a hat. I will soon start wearing them again as well. An orange one, so I will be easily recognisable!

Joanne Noragon said...

Like my former shoe collection.

Joyce F said...
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Joyce F said...

I liked your red plaid shirt in the last picture too!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Why stop with only one photo when you can show us your entire hat collection, John? I also have some hats, but only find myself wearing them sparingly when it rains or is very sunny out.