Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Beyond the Yard

Sunrises and sunsets can alter and even dissipate quickly, but I wandered beyond the yard to see what other views I might catch.

This is the new barn. While it is anything but new, it is less old than the old barn. The sky beyond was not in the direct sunrise as it was more to the north, but the shades of magenta looked very appealing to my eyes.

I then took this one of the same barn from the other side of that fence above but with my iPhone, which I was also carrying. I really like the angle with the grasses joining the road to point the way toward the barn.

As I turned around more toward the rising sun, it seems that the sky began to lose those nice magenta shades to become more yellow and orange. First came the old barn.

Beyond the old barn lies the planer mill which has been converted into a gazebo or summer room.

It was a bit chilly, and you can see above that the sun was beginning to rise into the sky, so I turned back toward the house. I did take a few more shots, but the best light was over, so I am not going to post them.

But it was such an unexpected treat to have both snow and a nice sunrise on my first morning in the country before settling into the more typical bleakness of late November that was the general norm of the week. Of course, I had been expecting bleak, so I wasn't really disappointed, but this was a very unexpected and satisfying morning. One doesn't necessarily expect snow so early in the year, and I certainly hadn't expected such a light show as well.


Joanne Noragon said...

More wonderful light and wonderful subjects.
I have an actionable prejudice against power lines and contrails, which should be held against me, as I leave coffee spots on my screen for too long. The power line to the new barn annoys me. The tire tracks in the pristine snow do not. My camera captures it, whether I see it first, or not.
I probably would not have been up and out, either. Good for you.

Tabor said...

These are lovely. The best is the composition which the camera cannot do, only the photographer.

Mage said...

You certainly do well with your camera and phone. Yes, blessed by the light, by the snow, and by the subjects. Thank you.

Marie Smith said...

This series is gorgeous. AC. One of my all time favourites. Well done.

Debbie said...

pretty have to be quick if you want to capture the sunrise or the sunset!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

These look like lovely photos to sketch! I might give it a go! Now that I'm back to routines.

MARY G said...

What happens if you crop off a lot of the dark on the bottom of that shot? I did one of those once, retook the bottom with more light and stitched the two. Sort of artificial, but interesting.