Thursday, November 16, 2017

I Will Never Go Across the Pond but My Photo Will

This photo is going to England.

One of Sue's friend's daughter and her husband own a pub over there. Mom is going for a visit and is taking this piece of our town, so to speak, with her. I took the photo several years ago at our local park when the maple trees were a beautiful scarlet. I haven't caught them in that sort of splendour since.

Sue wanted me to make an identify card to hang next to the photo, assuming it actually gets hung, and she wanted me to include a website.

The problem is that I don't have a website. I have a Flickr account with thousands of photos, but they are random and of highly variable quality. Since, you can't expect people to wade through thousands of photos, I put some of the better ones in one album. I ended up deciding to limit the album to 79 photos. The parameter that I have given myself it that if I want to add a new photo, I must subtract another.

That album is here. It begins with autumn photos, moves on to general scenery photos (including winter scenes), and scrolls on to flowers, buildings, concerts and people. The best way to navigate the stream is to click on the first photo to select it and then click the double arrows at the bottom right to enlarge it. After that, you can just hit the cursor key to advance through the album.

Well, that explanation took a little longer than I thought before getting to a few of the photos that I will post here. They are photos that were already on Flickr that I liked but thought they could use some additional loving care in order to be in the 79 Photos album.

Here are my revisions, but I will spare you the before-and-after comparison.

This is my oldest shot made on an early, low megapixel  DSLR. I like it partly for that reason: that it was made with a low-level camera but is still a decent shot. It may very well be culled someday if I want to add more future concert photos, but it remains for now as I am somewhat attached to it.

That's the oldest photo as are most here, which is why I felt that they required some extra tweaking. The editing software improves as does our knowledge of how to develop photos.

This is the interior of a pioneer church that is still maintained. I had to work with the photo to get it the way that I liked.

Below: three autumn photos where I felt compelled in each case to replace a little bit of blank sky with some cloning in of foliage. Why skies must be blank as opposed to rich blue whenever I want to shoot is a mystery.

This next photo also suffered from a blank sky, but it was beyond a bit of cloning, so I actually composited a new sky from another photo.  I added a bit of sky reflection in the water as well. (This was the most recent photo of the bunch, taken just last year.)

Finally two winter photos that are also not recent. The church is from 2011 and the boathouse just a year later.

Some photographers don't enjoy the editing (digital darkroom) process, but I do. Along with taking the original photo, it's as close to being artistic as this poor fellow can get.

The site again: . Open the first picture, click the arrows at the bottom right, and use the cursor to scroll through. Just keep on cursing (so to speak — although I suppose it's really cursoring) as much or as little as you wish. Or not at all. I won't be offended. 😇


Marie Smith said...

Great photos, AC. Especially love the autumn onesz,

Donna said...

Loved Town Hall and Waiting for Granpa...but they're ALL gorgeous Ac!

Mage said...

These are really marvelous. I too like to play "in the darkroom." Bravo.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Triple WOW, John, on those autumn shots and why not do a bit of closing if the sky didn't cooperate. Nice that the first autum shot is going across to England and maybe you will visit it oneday. I'll check out the photo album too and thanks for the links.

Mage said...

You are awfully good with a camera. I saw all your pictures and I gave up writing notes about how wonderful they are. Just flat out magic stuff. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos . I to sometimes like to dabble with my photos in Lightroom or Photoshop , I photograph in raw form so it makes it easier to adjust add and what not if need be. I to don't like washed out sky when the sky is low cloud overcast . I hope the people in pub enjoy your pretty photo . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

Silver in AZ said...

GREAT photos, as always!!

Ginnie said...

Your photo will really enliven an English pub AC. Good Choice. Also, two of my children got into the 7 black and white photo challenges ... I wonder where that started?

Debbie said...

your images are GORGEOUS today. i don't edit my pictures, (you probably know that) but i am tempted!!

troutbirder said...

Stunning fall photos!!!

Shammickite said...

Well done, good looking images. No idea how you do that editing, I rely on pics straight out of the camera. And the camera never lies...... or does it???

Mara said...

I always love your photos. You have a really good eye for colour and theme I think. In fact, I would love to be able to take shots like you do.

I do actually have one photo of yours (stolen shamelessly from your blog last year) that shows a decorated lamppost with snow. I use it as a background on my computer because I loved it so much.