Monday, November 27, 2017

Country Drive

What a treat it was setting off to the country with snow falling: not so much as to make driving difficult but enough to lift our usually bleak November, at least for a day. A little snow settled on the branches, making the scenes most pleasant. Sue took a number of snaps on the road, but nearer our destination we were able to pull off onto a sideroad for a few minutes.

↑ This was somewhat typical except the main roads that we travelled on were not still snow-covered.

↓ Just behind me in the above photo was a former schoolhouse, now converted into a tearoom. Service was very slow that day. 😉

↑ Stairs leading from the tearoom to the store which is called the Old Hastings Gallery.

↓ A little more of that quaint gallery.

That was last Monday and although a bit of snow stayed for the duration of our little vacation, most of it melted away on the next day. But we certainly appreciated it brightening that trip.


Marie Smith said...

Looks so pretty! Too bad we tire of it so quickly

Joanne Noragon said...

Marie covered the topic succinctly.

Debbie said...

the best kind of snow day...light and beautiful, no clean up required!!!

so very pretty!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

You are right. It makes such a pretty picture, as long as it is cold, might as well be pretty!

Tabor said...

It should be weeks before we see something a lovely and pure as this. Glad you can share it.

Silver in AZ said...

and so it begins. :)

VERY pretty!