Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The BW Conclusion

I did conclude my 7 day photo challenge on FB. Although I was a reluctant joiner to that meme, it did stretch me a bit, and I ended up posting more than 7 photos.

In a search for variety, I began to experiment with double exposures. You can mimic the effect in post, but these were done in camera. You just accept (or reject) what the camera gives you.

This double was of my keyboard plus coffee in one shot and my happy wall with the other. The two seemed to merge effectively enough.

Although the above suited the challenge, I liked the colour version better, and it was well received on Flickr with more than 20000 views. It was the second of this series that caught notice. Believe me, most of my photos do not get anywhere near that level of exposure.

Another double exposure: two shots with different zooms of a box of Jos Louis cake thingies. Only in Canada as far as I know.

Then I decided on a picture of the picture-taking.

My razors.

Having exceeded the 7-day requirement by 3 days, it was time to quit.

And the congregation said "Amen."


Silver in AZ said...

You did a great job! I was going to do it, then decided 'this is a chain letter, in essence', so I decided not to do it. But you rock.

Mage said...

No, they didn't. I came late to your facebook page. To follow the B&W no people, I have been posting B&W people. :)

I too like the color shot better.

Mara said...

I don't even understand what you are talking about (the double exposure), but I prefer the BW version. It just seems cleaner somehow.

Marie Smith said...

I’m with Mara. I don’t understand either. I like them though!

Debbie said...

very cool - artistic!!!