Friday, November 10, 2017

More BW Photos

My three latest BW photos from the 7 day FB meme, but this time I will describe and comment: here not there.

I don't wear ballcaps, but I wear caps: at least in spring and autumn. I don't have a decent lightweight cap for summer, so I tend to wear my Tilley (lightweight fedora style. Hmmm ... I should photograph the Tilleys sometime because I have a winter one too.). The cap on the bottom left is actually a winter cap because it has earflaps that come down. However, this ruins the look.

I thought the poor lines of the winter cap (poor with the flaps pulled down, at least) was a problem with this particular cap, but I tried on a few other high end caps at an upscale clothing store this week and found the same problem — maybe even worse.

I wear hearing aids and have for almost 20 years. They get better and better but costlier and costlier. I figure I average the cost at $1000 per year and that's with some state assistance thrown in. If you get more than 3 years out of hearing aids, you are doing well, and then you fork out another $3000.

This pair has bluetooth capability, which works pretty well. Almost all of my tv watching is done through bluetooth. The quality of the reception is very good compared to external speakers. These aids have a music mode that I can switch to, and they work well with the telephone. Earlier hearing aids didn't work at all well with phones because they would squeak and squawk whenever I got the phone close to the devices. This pair recognizes the nearness of the phone and goes into a phone mode automatically. I haven't yet tried the phone through bluetooth, but I can hear acceptably otherwise.

I may seem like an Apple guy, yet I resent the company on some level. Perhaps it is because their products are overpriced and have reached almost cult status with the masses. My computer isn't Apple, and I plan to keep it that way.

I was the first in the family to get an iPod back over a decade ago but I guess the last to get an iPad and for sure the last to get an iPhone. I chose an iPhone over Android because I was somewhat familiar with iOS from having a pod and a pad and because Shauna has an iPhone and can help us with our questions ... and has done so.


Shammickite said...

Well, you are far more tech savvy than me. I have an ancient Dell laptop, which recently broke down, and I still haven't got the printer back to working properly. I have an old Apple phone that does not have a sim card, and an old flip top phone that does. And if anything goes wrong I panic.

Marie Smith said...

My MIL recently joined the hearing aid crowd. She will be upset if the $5000 devices only last three years.

The technology suits black and white. I wonder what colour the hats are so a good choice there too.

Debbie said...

i like your caps, my husband always wear a baseball cap!! i like apple/mac, it is what i know and what i am comfortable with. but i do agree they are overpriced. and don't even get me started with the phone plans. although that is verizon, an arm and a leg!!!!

Joanne Noragon said...

Wait! My hearing aids cost almost 2 grand each and only hear. What did I forget to ask for?

Mage said...

Our first computer was an Apple 2e. Imagine that. LOL We had such troubles that we switched to a PC. We couldn't make that HP work either....what? You couldn't just drop any and all makes of programs on a computer and have them work? LOL We are still using Windows products, but now they run any and all programs without argument.