Monday, November 06, 2017

An Impromptu Sleepover

We hadn't planned it, but Sha and the kids came over for an impromptu lunch after JJ's hockey game. Impromptu is fun. Its unexpectedness makes it feel like a bonus. And it's also nice that impromptu doesn't, by definition, require any planning.

And that, in turn, led to an impromptu sleepover by Danica. She orchestrated it, and we acquiesced figuring that we might as well enjoy such times before she gets too old and mature for grandma and grandpa.

(BTW I have yet to type impromptu correctly in this post. It's more the typing than the spelling. But of course, I just typed it correctly, just to make a liar out of myself.)

So here are the pics. They are not obligatory for readers to spend time over. You can move along if you wish. (Speaking of which, I have overlooked reading your posts for a few days, so I will try to remedy that soon.)

I don't play many games on the computer or whatnots. But I had gone ahead and downloaded a game app called Wordscapes onto my tablet. When I had been playing the game on the previous evening or two, I had wondered whether she would like it and whether we could play together. Turns out that she did and that we could.

It's a combination word scramble plus a crossword which gives you some clues as to what sort of words you might be looking for in the scramble.

I had been playing on my tablet, but you know how your other devices want to automatically update the same app? Well, when she picked up my phone, she saw it and downloaded it.

Then the little imp managed to drag us out to DQ for a late dessert.

Where she took this selfie. She takes lots of selfies.

After more time with Wordscapes, it was off to bed and storytime.

Next morning there was more Wordscapes — to the point where we were using both devices.

When it was time for me to do something else, I spotted her playing both devices simultaneously.

It was a good time.


Mara said...

She is sure growing up! Although you're never too grown up for dessert.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Grands are such fun! Treasure the moments- they grow up so fast!

Marie Smith said...

Lol. The young ones are something else when it come to devices! Your granddaughter is a beauty, AC.

Mage said...

Oh, you leave me laughing this morning. What a delightful time.

Tabor said...

That Mona Lisa selfie is a hint of things to come.

Shammickite said...

No DQ anywhere near here, or if there is, I haven't found it yet. I'll have to introduce that game to the grandies, but perhaps they already know it.

Haddock said...

Isnt she happy that she dragged you all out to DQ.

Debbie said...

when you are with them...your smile is always a little bigger, there's too!!! we have a dq, and i like it, but our mom and pop shop is better!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

What a lovely treat!
We're going to Bell's Corners to celebrate hubby's birthday! He's not up to a sleepover here...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Seems like the unorchestrated event or is that impromptu turned out quite well. I especially liked the bedtime story photo. You are right to treasure these times now before Danica gets older.