Monday, July 11, 2016

Q & A!!!!

Anvilcloud: Danica, what the heck are you doing here today?

Danica: My other babysitter wasn't at home at the time, so we came here.


Anvilcloud: Please tell us the favourite thing that you did last week on your vacation with Daddy and where you did it.

Danica: It's hard to pick a favourite, but I think I liked going to the train museum and to the ice cream place as big as an office building in Quebec.


Anvilcloud: What are your favourite ice cream flavours, and when did you have them last?

Danica: Vanilla and Cookies and Cream are my favourite. Last time I had them were when I was at the HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGE Ice Cream place, and you had 4 different flavours to choose from, and you had 12 flavours to dip your Ice Cream in and they would harden. Vanilla was my Ice Cream, Cookies and Cream was my; dip? Fondue? (Whatever the heck fondue means...)


Anvilcloud: Tell us two things that you will do in the rest of the summer.

Danica: I'm having a staycation with mom, and going to a cottage in Bancroft with my dad, my brother, and three others who feel like family.

Thanks for reading my Q & A, ask me a Q & A question in the comment section down below for the next Q & A! 
(P.S. I recently turned 9, and feel much more mature and grown up lol.)


Marie Smith said...

Love the Danica series. Q. What is your favourite summer activity and why?

Should Fish More said...

Go forth and conquer, fear nothing, enjoy it all. Have fun!
Fiona's Grandpa (Mike)

Mary Gilmour said...

great session Danica.

1. Are you going to do another Q and A about your trip to Bancroft?

2. What is a staycation and how will you spend it.