Thursday, July 14, 2016

Le Vent du Nord at Celtfest

The weekend brought about the 20th annual Celtfest in Almonte and our 11th. We stumbled onto this festival in our first summer here and make it a point to return every summer. We are usually there for the whole weekend come rain or shine, and we had our share of rain this time.

However, that was on Saturday, and the Friday evening weather was fine. I like the challenge of shooting at night when the stage lights are on. It makes it interesting.

The headliners that night were a French Canadian band called Le Vent du Nord, which would be Northwind in our tongue. All four of these fellows are fine musicians and good vocalists as well, so they put on an excellent show with all of their enthusiasm. It doesn't seem to matter that they sing en fran├žais for the language of music translates itself.

I took a ton of photos; here is a smattering. I may post more later.

↑ The whole stage
↓ A little closer

↑ Closer Still ↓

↑ Love the smoke
↓ Low key

↑ The fiddler was excellent
↓ And he sang well too

 ↓ He also favoured the photgrapher with a smile, which is very good of him ↓

I think we'll leave it there for today, except for this YouTube clip.


ADRIAN said...

A good set of atmospheric images. I know it's not your fault but they need a sound mixer to let the vocals through a bit more.

Marie Smith said...

Great photos. Lovee the foot action! It sounds like a great festival.

Tabor said...

These are such great photos without overkill on the filters.

Mage said...

Delightful photos. Well done.

Vicki Lane said...

You capture the energy!