Thursday, July 28, 2016


Facebook introverts sometimes post this graphic, and it always brings a smile, at least a mental smile because ...
... because it kind of strikes a chord.

I have written about introversion before, so shan't go on at length this time because I want you to get to the TED video, below. It's a humorous but insightful look at introversion.

Before you do that, if indeed you do have the 15' to watch, let me recount one incident, which paints a bit of a picture of the difference between intros and extros.

Sue and I were on a walk when I spied a body near the sidewalk. I was taken aback, but I quickly looked about and realized that he was a worker on a house project taking a break in the shade. I processed this silently.

I had just finished my inward thoughts when Sue gasped audibly about the body and then also audibly concluded that he was just a worker taking a shady break

For the most part things go on in our introverted little heads before we take them public. One problem with that is that conversations tend to move on before we ever get to contribute our thoughts.

Anyway, if you have the time, have a look at the TED Talk and see why the bathroom can be a special place for introverts.

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Marie Smith said...

Interesting! I am married to an extreme introvert. He describes my husband perfectly. Where would we be without them?