Sunday, July 17, 2016

An Unscheduled Visit

We had an odd but satisfactory morning last week when we had the kids unexpectedly. At first, Dad brought them to our place thinking that it was our week to babysit. It wasn't, so I shooed him across the street.

They were soon all back because the paid babysitter wasn't home. It turned out that she had the wrong week too. Although she soon returned, we enjoyed the kids for the morning.

For some reason, Danica was looking up something on our county roadmap, and she chose to do so in the back of our car. She kind of likes to look at maps; her geography teacher grandfather approves.

Meanwhile, JJ decided that we should play hide & seek. I am okay with this as long as he does all of the hiding. He is pretty inventive and can squish himself into some small spaces.

But then grandma colluded with him to make it tougher on old grandpa.

Yes, she helped into the wheelbarrow and covered him up.

Then, they really teamed up to bamboozle me. She got out the ladder to help him into the rafters in the garage and then took the ladder away. Sneaky says I.

So of course, Danica had to climb to the rafters as well.

Grandma had her help to arrange a few things while she was up there.

We are not seeing them as much as we have in some other summers. This is both good and bad, but it was really good to spend time with them on that morning.


Marie Smith said...

There will come a day when people cannot read maps and technology will fail. I usually back up GPS with a trusty old map. It is a great skill to have, in my opinion.

Mara said...

I used a lot of my maps to wrap my plates and glasses in. It wasn't until the last box came out of storage that I found all the proper wrapping paper. Once I get my proper place, I will use those bits of map and make a lovely covering for either wall or table.

I do still use maps as well. GPS is great and fine, but if it stops, I would like to know where I am!

Ginger said...

Oh what fun can be had in a garage, especially if it has an "attic!" Loved the photo story.

Wendy Hansen said...

As always ... cute pictures. They are both very photogenic ! (I am in NY City with my niece and this is her computer so it may come up as Wendy ...but it's me, AC (Goldendaze-Ginnie)

Shammickite said...

I love reading maps. And I don't have a GPS.
Looks like piles of fun playing hide and seek with the kids. I can't wait until I am mobile enough to play a good game of Hide and seek!!!!

Tabor said...

Your last comment has such a bittersweet ring to it and I can understand that totally. I am wondering when ours will be too busy to stop by and we will be too decrepit to keep them entertained.

KGMom said...

I bet geography grandpa was happy. When you think of the role maps played in human development...!
This was a very fun post to read.
As a comeback blogger, I say--anytime you want to go off prompt, DO IT!

TexWisGirl said...

really cute. looks like rafter bunk beds.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I'm finding the same! The are getting busier, and there is much to do in summer!

Mage said...

It was flat out delightful. :)