Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Unfortunately Memorable Daytrip to Bon Echo

Our next daytrip was to Bon Echo Provincial Park near Kaladar. It was on my list anyway, but when they had a free entrance day to all provincial parks in Ontario, we made haste.

It was a more developed park than I had been expecting with loads of visitors and campsites. Arriving in the early afternoon, we found a spot on Main Beach for yet another picnic lunch.

We were cheek by jowl with other visitors with the same intention, but that didn't bother Sue, who actually likes people — which I find very strange. You can see the empty chair on her right where I sat as far away from the crowd as I could. Which side would you prefer?

Back in my chair, I studied the map trying to figure out in what direction we were looking. It seemed to be west if I had the map oriented correctly, which is a very iffy proposition.

The beach is on Mazinaw Lake, which seemed pretty scenic, except it was an overcast day. Once again, this would probably be a good spot to return to at better time of day in autumn.

This photo was taken from our picnic spot. It is a compilation of 5 handheld, vertical shots, which shows what a nice setting it is if not exactly bathed in nice light at that moment.

Then, we made a big mistake when we decided to walk to the Visitors Centre, which was, supposedly, only a 10 minute stroll. Well perhaps that was all that it was, but, with a dearth of signage, it turned out to be quite a bit more for us, and as it eventuated we never got there.

This was a photo of another portion of the lake taken on this miserable march. Do you notice that it was sunny? Yes, as soon as we started our walk in the coolish, cloudy day, the sun came out, and we began to sweat miserably.

After several wrong turns with me getting hotter and wearier by the millisecond, the Visitors Centre was finally in sight. But we never quite got there because there was yet another weather change and the threat of rain began to loom large.

And so, we began to hurry back toward the car, but with a bad foot, I can't hurry. There was a time in my life when I might have made it back in time and avoided a near drowning, but this is not that time of my life.

It soon began to pour (I am not exaggerating) and even cast some hail (I am not exaggerating). Eventually, we found a wee bit of shelter but it was a wee bit (I am not exaggerating) and a little too late (I am not exaggerating).

We took a few photos when the downpour began to let up a little. In the first, you can see the modest roof that we were under, which actually looks larger in the photo that it seemed to be at the time. Sadly, our car was in a parking lot beyond this one.

When the rain had mostly let up, I went for the car and come back to pick up Sue. We were soaked, and I was not happy. At all.

And then there was the joy of 1.5 hour drive back home. I don't mind driving really, but when one is wet and tired ...

What with the overcast skies (at first), the crowdedness, followed by the heat and lostness, followed by the storm and wetness along with my general weariness (for whatever reason) that day, it was not the best of daytrips. However, Bon Echo is a place that I would return to at the right time now that I have an idea of what it's like in terms of crowd and layout.


Mage said...

I'm really enjoying your day trips...despite the rain.

MARY G said...

The YD canoed at Bon Echo with a group of climbing friends and they roped up the cliff. Took them longer than expected and evening arrived while they were climbing down, along with the worst cloud of mosquitoes my well travelled daughter had ever encountered. They ended by dropping off the ropes into the lake and were eaten alive again while paddling back to camp. JG and I camped there once too and had to leave early and invalid him home due to injury. It is for us, and it appears for you, a bad luck park.
And we missed the storm here.
Love the dark and gloomy photos however.

troutbirder said...

I'm with you on avoiding crowds. My spouse not so much as she enjoys talking to stranger...:(

Should Fish More said...

Yeah, feel your pain....30 years ago I'd have smiled at the rain, stuck my sandals out in it, and waited. The discomfort wouldn't have been discomfort.
At 70 plus, things are different.
Enjoyed the pics,

Marie Smith said...

While the end wasn't so great, the journey had such potential. Another time it will be a great day trip.

ADRIAN said...

It sounds like an expensive cheap day.

Mara said...

Looking forward to the sunny day, crowd-less photos. At some point!

I bet the warm shower once you were home, felt like heaven though.

Donna said...

Hahaaa...I'm sorry...leave y'all alone for a few weeks and you get into all kinds of trouble!
I always pack two towels, umbrellas, water, snacks, emergency kit, blanket...doesn't matter if you're 10 miles or 100 miles from home...if it can happen, it will...
Love the shots though!

Lynn said...

Hi - just coming by - you were the commenter ahead of me on the Frog and Penguin blog.

Getting caught in the rain is the worst! But seems as if it was a nice outing until then.

I am somewhere in the middle in the extrovert / introvert range - I would have been happy to be on the outside chair and just soak in the view.

Jenn Jilks said...

I'm with you, hate crowds!

Shammickite said...

I think YoungerSon's family camped at Bon Echo last year. They had a great time, so I'm sorry that your experience wasn't quite what you had hoped for.

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful lake! Perhaps another time you'll have better luck.

Kathleen's Blog said...

You both have a great story to tell.....and laugh about, in years to come. Great photos, though, says she in her warm cozy housecoat, sitting comfortably with her morning coffee!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Ruth said...

We stayed at a cottage across from Bon Echo Park for a few years but I did not like it at all. I prefer much larger bodies of water. The bugs were atrocious!