Monday, November 05, 2012

Short and not so Sweet

Note: Sue is back to blogging this week, so I shan't be posting kid pics five times a week.

Way back in time when the earth was young, we had the opportunity of purchasing three slightly used steno chairs. After about 25 years, the first of the three bit the metaphorical dust a year or so ago. The second left us just this past week. That was the one that I used for my computer chair. The third is/was still used by Sue in her craft area in the basement.

I was chair-less, but lo and behold, Staples has a great half-price sale on last week, so I headed down and picked one out.  It wasn't as high-backed as some. I knew to stay away from those because my version of a bad back would not take well to a high-back.

So, I splurged and bought myself a fine, brown leather new chair.

Ain't she purdy?

With three levers to control the height of the seat, the tilt of the seat, and the tilt of the back, I was in heaven.

For a day or two.

As I worked on it, however, my back became more and more uncomfortable . . .

. . . even in the early morning in my warm hoodie before the thermostat kicked in at a higher temperature.

But it was no use. So ... I went down to the basement, and brought up the third of the ancient wonder chairs.

The back wobbles, but as hard as it is to believe it, my back feels better on it.

Meanwhile, Sue has a fantastic new chair to work her crafts in well upholstered comfort.

I am not happy about this turn of events. I really liked the chair. In fact, I am being rather wimpy and pouty about it all.



Diana said...

Oh I am so sorry for you, really. I know how disappointing this can be.
I have an old rocker that I use for my desk, but my computer is a laptop so I use my recliner.
Who knows maybe your lovely wife will surprise you at Christmas time!
Love Di ♥

Mara said...

I feel for you: such a spiffy new chair and you can't use it! It's not fair!

Sue said...

Been there, done that... well, not exactly that, but twice we've found nice office type chairs, almost new, at the thrift store or elsewhere, and they have seemed comfortable at first... but before long my back aches and eventually I return to an ancient random chair - probably a kitchen one as it doesn't even swivel - in an unpleasant shade of orange, which, for some reason, is by far the most comfortable chair I've ever had for typing.

Donna said...

...I can't stop looking at the hoodie....Hahahaaa

Lorna said...

Are you really getting ready to kick your printer in one of those photos?

Haddock said...

The more the levers and adjustments, the more uncomfortable they become.
Some of the old simple chairs are the best :-)

Pearl said...

the perfect chair is hard to find.

your story reminds me of the chair of my heart that by no way could fit in my office.

(sorry about no caps. one handed peck and find on a touch screen is slowed up even more by those.)

Jinksy said...

I sympathise - chairs do become like a second skin, and new ones don't always fit! At work, I was measured for a new chair, by back-care experts and I missed it like mad when I left work and couldn't take it home! I'd willingly have paid any price to take it with me, but no luck. It was made by HAG, and adjusted every which way imaginable...