Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Danica is a Spark

Danica has begun attending Sparks, which for those of you not in the know, just as I wasn't in the know until a few weeks ago, Sparks is part of the Girl Guide organization. I am pretty sure they are Girl Scouts in some countries, but they are Guides in Canada. Sparks is the youngest division of the organization. There are Sparks, Brownies and Guides. I think there is also a level past Guides, but I am not sure what it is.

Anyway, she was sworn in or whatever they call it last night in a ceremony involving all three levels. As might be predicted, she was the most enthusiastic Spark, Brownie or Guide there. I am not saying that is necessarily always a good thing, but she was quite delightful last night.

Thanks to a fast camera and a zoom lens, I was able to snap one or two pictures. I know it's hard to picture me with a camera, but there you have it.

She was in her element from the very beginning.

As pleased as punch, she was.

The promise is a serious thing.

Singing Guide songs was fun.

For one song in particular, they were encourage to shout loud and clear.
Of course, she obliged.
Of course, Danica has always been a spark, but now it's official. Our spark is a Spark.

When they first marched in, they were to sing a song. The older Guides came in first, and you could hardly hear them. The singing got progressively louder as the younger kids came in: first the Brownies and then the Sparks. What a pity that people become self conscious about singing, for it is one of the joys of human life. We don't have to sing well, but we should all sing.


Mara said...

And then in twelve years or so: a massive world jamboree somewhere in the world where she will meet lots and lots of other scouts! If she stays as enthusiastic as she shows here, she will do great!

Dimple said...

Precious shots! I was a Brownie and Girl Scout growing up. I loved it, and it looks like Danica will, too.

I totally agree about the singing.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

One thing we all certainly know about Danica is that she is so enthusiastic about everything she undertakes and that is wonderful to see. And everyone should sing, no matter how off-key. Too bad about the new chair not being comfortable, but your loss is surely Sue's happy gain and good to know her hand is better too.

Hilary said...

There aren't many who sparkle more than that little darlin'.

Diana said...

Oh she is so cute and proud looking! I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout myself. Lots of fun!
I agree on the singing A.C. I sing all the time, don't care who hears me! Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Awwww....she's Too Cute Ac!
I was in the BlueBirds...loved it!

Pearl said...

she looks very proud. I wasn't a member of it myself but it seems a good framework of ritual to include in life.

Judy said...

Awwww. Isn't it wonderful how that spark lights up your life?!

Ruth said...

I loved Brownies and still have my badges and pins. I think I was much more shy than your lovely Spark!